More buildings, more problems

I am writing to say what a mess they are making with overbuilding, especially these high-rises in Santa Monica that are definitely ruining a wonderful beach community. It is almost impossible to get around Santa Monica now without having a lot of traffic problems, and parking is so bad and practically every spot is assigned parking.

Why is it OK for all this building to go on when we are facing a serious drought?

I am a senior and was born and raised in this area. You have to expect change with time, but not this drastic. At least I have wonderful memories. All of this building is nothing but greed. When will it stop?

Jeanne Moody
Playa del Rey

Ad was right to bash Zimmer

Re: Open letter to LAUSD School Board Member Steve Zimmer, advertisement, June 26

I applaud the charter school parents in LAUSD board District 4 for speaking out against Zimmer. How dare he accuse them of essentially being racist? Mr. Zimmer made himself sound like a typical left-wing bigot. Charter schools cater to children of color as well as whites. Stop with the integration and diversity crap. What Zimmer should be attending to is cleaning up the horrible mess LAUSD has helped to create.  I have several people of color who I mix with and not one of them sends their kids to a LAUSD school.

This is still the America I love. Please do not tell parents which type of school (public, charter, private) they should send their children to. Furthermore, please stop calling whites racists because they feel and think as individuals.

Fred Brenner
Los Angeles

Better to be than not

Re: “Shakespeare dressed down,” this week, July 10

Great article about “Henry V” at Pacific Resident Theatre. Shakespeare is hard to do, and most people don’t give it the notice it deserves.

I’ve done seven productions of Shakespeare plays. It’s a foreign language for most people, and it was for me when I cut my teeth on it in college.

T.J. Driscoll
Marina del Rey

Pedestrians need paths, too

Re: “Power to the Pedal,” cover story, July 10

To the L.A. County Board of Supervisors, Mayor Garcetti and everyone else: Please understand and include along with any plans regarding bike paths — creating new ones or repairing existing ones — that provisions for pedestrians must also exist. Not just for people with dogs on leashes or baby carriages strolling or ambling along, but for walkers who like bicyclists want an unimpeded path that’s safe for fast, steady walking for miles at a time.

I’m not a community planning expert, but it seems to me that these two activities go hand-in-hand in that it would be economical and efficient to add the width necessary to the bike paths wherever they are to create paths for both biking and serious walking.  Continuous, uninterrupted walking is not only a very healthy exercise, but also inexpensive and wonderful for people of all ages and with some physical abilities. Please include “serious” walking paths (no baby carriages, no dogs) everywhere there are bike paths.

Roslyn E. Walker
Marina del Rey