Responding to candidate questionnaires

Those candidates for Santa Monica City Council who agreed not to respond to the Santa Monica for Responsible Growth (SMOG) questionnaire are either naive, or are themselves recipients of largess from political action committees supporting so called “smart growth.” Councilman Terry O’Day is the candidate reportedly responsible for circulating the so called “transparency agreement.”

Those who signed this egregious attack against responsible growth are either confused, or they are hypocrites. O’Day, Mayor Pro Tem Gleam Davis, and Jerry Rubin, are among those candidates who supported the Land Use and Circulation Element, so of course they signed.

I did not sign the scurrilous letter, and have already turned in my response to the SMOG questionnaire. This is not about transparency. I will continue to respond to any and all questionnaires sent to me, especially to those groups whose support I do not want.

Most of these shadowy groups claiming to be community organizations in the past have supported incumbents advocating development.

I have no problem with groups that support candidates who want to curb growth and preserve Santa Monica as a livable city. I will continue to proudly oppose any and all subversive groups that serve as a cash cow to reelect pro development council members.

I am much more concerned that the current council voted for increasing the maximum contribution, giving themselves a triple advantage over poorer candidates who lack the support of special interests. They failed, however, in their efforts to impose a filing fee of $250 on penniless candidates like myself who use their candidacy to expose such conflicts of interest, hypocrisies, and cronyism.

Jonathan Mann, Santa Monica

LAX talk

So Los Angeles starts planting articles on how Los Angeles International Airport is the economic juggernaut in L.A. County. Strange how these articles begin to show up right at the time that decisions will begin to be made on its expansion (It’s called ‘capital improvements’). Don’t allow yourself to be so easily bought.

On another aviation tangent, I followed the published route that the Space Shuttle Endeavour is to take leaving LAX property and moving through Westchester.

It is supposed to move along the Westchester Parkway parallel to the airport and Lincoln Boulevard before it reaches Sepulveda Boulevard. Well, there are long lines of old-growth, beautiful trees that line either side of the parkway and right down its center median.

I don’t think the shuttle can be hauled down that parkway without those trees being cut down… hopefully I’m wrong.

Jayson Pida, El Segundo

Citizens unaware of Marina ‘Carmageddon’

Why hasn’t L.A. County given more information on the partial closing of Admiralty Way in Marina del Rey for two and a half months? This single-access road is vital to the 10,000 residents, boat owners, and coastal enthusiasts.

The blockage in front of the Marina City Towers would also mean that the nearest first responders could be cut off in case of emergencies.

Will the Los Angeles Police and Fire departments be on alert? How will this affect the residents in Venice?

With all the recent earthquake activity, it would seem somewhat important for residents to know what their evacuation options are and that their local government has worked out contingency plans. This has the makings of an absolute catastrophe.

The recent revelation by the Department of Regional Planning at the Marina Affairs Committee meeting that they do not plan on having community meetings for the “visioning process” of the development of Marina del Rey speaks loudly of how the process has been corrupted. A Regional Planning representative said at the end of the community workshops meeting (which changed the development laws in the Marina), there would be no questions answered and residents could just “talk amongst themselves.”

Jon Nahhas, Playa del Rey

Title confusion

I assume others have already written regarding your Aug. 30 cover article title. The message this title gave is the inverse of what the article actually said was planned.

The title, “Planned anti-Jewish protest canceled after show of support by hotel” is the opposite of what the article communicates. The title should have said something such as, “Planned Anti-anti-Jewish protest…” or “Planned pro-Jewish protest…” etc.

On second thought, I have a feeling no one actually wrote regarding this, considering how often I see and experience the complete 180-degree inverse of truth accepted as truth. In that case I’m just letting you and others know that I am aware of this innocent game and can usually see through it.

Richard S. Levik, CEO and Founder, The Levite Line

Bicycling bill bad news for motorists

The proposed state Senate Bill 1464, which would give cyclists a buffer zone, would be a terrible thing for drivers of automobiles. The reason is that the law in its sterile context as removed from the persons driving the bicycles sounds alright on its face, but most bicyclists already weave into the line of traffic knowing that automobile drivers will give them whatever lane they take simply because it is more prudent to do that than kill them.

Further, the personality types that ride bicycles customarily are either health fanatics who do it as a form of exercise, or a person who seeks a non-automobile lifestyle that does not pollute the environment. In either case, they have a sense of entitlement that makes them the sort of drivers one wishes were off the road completely.

All in all, if SB 1464 passes, the well-meaning will create a situation similar to Jim Backus when he played Mr. Magoo in cartoon movies. Mr. Magoo never got in an accident but he drove in a way where everyone else around him had an accident. Vote no on SB 1464.

Dr. Len Bergantino, Clinical psychologist specializing in creative aggression