Modern-day claim jumpers

Re: “Crowd control lacking at Flack concert,” letters, Aug. 21

I left the Roberta Flack concert at Burton Chace Park midway as well, just as this week’s letter writer Mary Jo Durand did.  If anything, Ms. Flack is too big an act for such a confined space-the park was easily at double its capacity. Finding a spot to sit, however small, became a near-impossibility.

Compounding the problem is the significant number of attendees who spread out huge tarps/blankets, consuming valuable space within sight lines of the performer. They are very territorial, and hog their established fiefdom with a vengeance!

It is almost a game to them — denying other concertgoers a chance to sit and see the concert as it should be. Instead, we have modern-day claim jumpers making their stake on as much prime viewing space as they possibly can. How selfish.

Kyle Kimbrell
Playa del Rey

Burton Chace isn’t the Bowl

Re: “Crowd control lacking at Flack concert,” letters, Aug. 21

The letter writer’s dissatisfaction with the Roberta Flack concert stems, I believe, from the fact that this venue was never meant to be and is improper for this type of concert. It is a park, not a concert hall, and by its very nature not conducive to some types of entertainment, wonderful though the entertainers are. It has neither the terrain, the parking, nor simply the space for some of these popular entertainers.

I, too, went to the Roberta Flack concert, and without enumerating the many pitfalls — all caused because it was the wrong venue for this type of entertainment — I remembered that I was in Burton Chace Park in Marina del Rey, sat down on my chair and loved every minute of being in our park in our marina with the wonderful, kind, smiling, peaceful multitudes. There were boats (it is a marina, remember?) on either side of the park and we could sort of still see the beautiful sun as it set, despite the overdevelopment that has blocked out a lot of this view over the years I’ve been coming here.

Know your venue and what it can and cannot be used for.

Roslyn E. Walker

Marina del Rey



Re: “Venice Beach lightning strikes prompt beach safety review,” news, Aug. 14

Dear Venice and Silicon Beach,

Let’s be creative and become a world model for communication, security, safety, quality of life and education. The subject is vast, but if each Silicon Beach company agreed to work on one facet in connection with their peers, the world would be better and Mr. Kinney happy!

Joelle Dumas

Re: “New city security cameras will bring 24-hour police surveillance to the boardwalk,” cover story, Aug. 21

As a resident I am 100% for this. Anyone who is not breaking the law has nothing to worry about!

L. Scott