Why not be clear?

Re: “Plane speaking isn’t easy,” opinion, Aug. 28

I find it very interesting as well as unsettling to see both the Santa Monica City Attorney’s office and an attorney for the aviation groups responsible for Measure D ( for “deception”) both standing side by side in court arguing against a group of Santa Monica residents who are trying to correct how Measure D will appear on the November ballot.

One reason that the aviation-measure backers cite for their initiative is a major lack of trust for the Santa Monica City government. And yet they stand side-by-side to fight Santa Monica residents, preventing even the most basic language changes to clarify the meaning of “a majority of Santa Monica voters.” Is it 50% plus one of all registered voters or 50% plus one of those who cast a vote? This is a huge difference, and one that could cause tie-ups in the courts when challenged by aviation interests in the event they lose.

Vote no on Measure D.

Vote yes on Measure LC.

Martin Rubin

Concerned Residents Against Airport Pollution

Wetlands should be more of an attraction

I am a World War II vet and have lived in Marina del Rey for 62 years. My attention was brought to the last parcel of God-given land, the Ballona Wetlands, by a listing in The Argonaut asking for volunteers to help clean the wetlands of trash.

As a young boy about 80 years ago I had the privilege of hiking in and enjoying the wetlands. Swimming in the lagoon was a treat, and fishing on the pier was great.

I firmly believe that with the proper care and attention the wetlands could become the major attraction for families and their children in Playa del Rey and surrounding neighborhoods.

It seems that this land could become an active recreational parcel that would give young children a close-up look at the last large area of natural land in Playa del Rey — not concrete developments, but a natural area that gives everyone a look at the many endangered birds and other animals that would give a wonderful education to young people who visit the park.

A.D. Corey
Marina del Rey