Going the Distance

Re: “Garcetti’s Great Streets Initiative,” cover story, Sept. 16; and “One Block Too Many,” opinion, Oct. 2

“What can we do to get to the finish line?” asks Councilman Mike Bonin of efforts to renew Venice Boulevard in Mar Vista. Hopefully, our politicians may soon come to understand that for well-planned communities, such as Mar Vista, there will never be a finish line.

Simply keeping the numerous potholes filled and the streets paved or repaved is a never-ending, necessary, thankless task. The city-planned North Park, for example, near the Mar Vista fire station just south of Venice Boulevard, is covered with potholes that refuse to stay filled! North Park Avenue, in my opinion, is sorely in need of and long overdue for a repaving to match its recently repaved sister street, South Park Avenue.

Also, the “Garcetti’s Great Streets” article featured a lovely shot of our handsome new mayor and councilman seated in front of the Mar Vista Public Library. Just a few feet behind them stands the bicycle rack from which my little red folding bike with a Snoopy bell, securely locked to the rack, was stolen between 2 and 3:30 p.m. on a beautiful Wednesday afternoon in March.

We the people/taxpayers/voters and our property, public and personal, could and should be much better safeguarded and protected by law enforcement — especially while visiting public buildings such as the neighborhood library, don’t you think?

Therefore, would it not be prudent for our mayor and councilman to find funding to pay for security camera installations at the Mar Vista Public Library and the fire department? Would this not aid our local police to better safeguard and protect the residents of Mar Vista and our property, both public and private?

Renee Aubry

Mar Vista

‘The Politics of Vanity’

Tonight I witnessed an appalling display of non-democratic behavior and the-public-be-damned attitude.

For seven minutes on Oct. 6, an Ocean Park Association board member glowingly introduced the farmers market pony ride operator. Then for 12 minutes she spoke. The display ended with one more speaker, a senior editor-at-large of Breitbart California droning on about his child’s love of the pony ride.

But there was no comment allowed from those audience members assembled to give an opposing view … and all of this over an item that the Santa Monica City Council had already ruled on. One can only hope that this was an accommodation and not something OPA would act on.

So, if you don’t like how one political body rules, go to the next one down and put on a grandstand show begging that lesser body to have the greater body rescind their action.

The politics of vanity is not a pretty thing.

Robin Doyno

Mar Vista