CORRECTION: Last week’s news story about controversy surrounding the new Gjusta bakery, “Gjelina’s sister bakery faces permit battle,” misstated the size of a proposed outdoor patio. The patio would seat 65 people.

Endorsements were a Grand Old Party pooper

Re: “The Argonaut’s Election Endorsements,” Oct. 9 and Oct. 16

How far the Argonaut has fallen since the wonderful decades of David Asper Johnson!

When I moved to the Marina in 1979, The Argonaut was published by a more or less conservative Republican entrepreneur (as are most small business owners). I have long been appalled by the liberal do-gooders and so-called environmentalists who are opposed to the responsible practices of the Playa Vista developers and the economic benefits of Santa Monica Airport (the city’s largest revenue producer).

But your election endorsements were truly appalling (with the exception of Ted Lieu and Props 1 and 2).

Sheila Kuehl is largely supported by labor unions who oppose any real change at LAUSD and who always seek increased city pension benefits. Your opposition to Measure D and endorsement of Measure LC didn’t meet any factual smell test, and The Argonaut’s endorsement of Prop 45 flies in the face of almost complete opposition by responsible organizations except the trial lawyers.

I’m glad I moved to Culver City.

Roy Reel
Culver City

Send a message about post office’s eviction

Re: “MdR Post Office on the Move,” news, Oct. 30

There are more than 8,000 renters and owners in Marina del Rey, and we do not deserve to have our postal facility moved to some location yet to be announced.

The Marina del Rey Post Office has been in Waterside at Marina del Rey for more than the 30 years I have lived here. It was efficient and friendly until its size was cut in half, whereupon residents found themselves waiting in line for more than 20 minutes most mornings and unable to purchase stamps from an empty machine. Now Mr. Caruso and its staff have not renewed want the post office out completely and have not renewed its lease.

We residents spend a lot of money at Waterside, and its merchants also need convenient postal deliveries. I for one will probably boycott Mr. Caruso’s enterprise if we are deprived of our local postal facility. Anyone else?

Lynne Shapiro
Marina del Rey

Keep our pols at one with the force

After voting for the candidates who share our ideals, values and political and economic views, we should bear in mind that our job is not over. It is up to us to keep our elected officials on task at both the local and national levels, for they will only stay on track as much as we are, even though we think that it is now “their job.” Unfortunately, public leadership is just not that simple. While concepts like “supply and demand” and “what the market will bear” may possibly keep the private sector in check, it is our constant involvement with the public sector that keeps it in line — not just our votes every two years.

All of us are aware of the phrase: “Money is the root of all evil,” but in reality what we label as “evil” is the result of a dissonance with the conscious creative force from which everything manifests. When we are out of harmony with this force, then we experience unhappiness, and unhappiness leads to choices that create an unfulfilling career and the unsettling feeling of insecurity that naturally follows. On the other hand, when we are in synchronization with this power we become conscious co-creators who produce rewarding careers and a resulting prosperity. When a human being is happy and prosperous, that individual is not susceptible to the temptations of money and will not entertain evil thoughts and behaviors for its acquisition. Money is simply a tool, like the wheel and the hammer, so the one who uses it is responsible for its use; to blame an inanimate tool for a human weakness is inappropriate.

I am reminded of the story of Jesus being tempted in the desert by Satan. Although in the desert for 40 days and nights — and consequently thirsty, hungry and tired — Jesus maintained his resonance with the conscious creative force and therefore he could not be enticed. Although we judge those in positions of power for being influenced by money, how many of us would not be susceptible? Are we personally that in tune with the creative force and the resulting happiness and prosperity? If we are not, then should we cast the first stone at those “on the hill”? I do not think that we are here on Earth to judge or justify others’ behaviors, but rather to consciously tap into the creative energy behind all that is and to be the happiest and most abundant human beings that we can be, so that we can ultimately leave such things as bribes, bullying and blackmail far behind us as footnotes in humanity’s history.

William R. Hicks
Marina del Rey

Traffic’s a beach bummer

I am a resident of Santa Monica. The apartment building in which I live is located at Ocean Front Walk, facing the beach, in close proximity to the Chess Park and Santa Monica Pier. Parking is adjacent to, and on both sides of, the building, and one of these lots is open to the public on weekends.

It has been increasingly difficult to get to my home, especially on weekends, because of the traffic and the increasing events held at the beach public parking lots. For example, Cirque du Soleil was set up in the pier parking lot. One evening this past March it took me two hours to get to my home two blocks away because of the traffic which was at a virtual standstill on my street (Appian Way), and was also blocked by cones from Ocean Avenue at Seaside Terrace! In addition, I am a health care worker and beside the fact that it is important that I get to my job in a timely manner, I often have to work on weekends. Furthermore, increased beach traffic on sunny weekend days alone at times makes it impossible to park by home after work or after running errands.

I am requesting that the terrible parking situation in our neighborhood be looked at immediately. It is not right that residents who pay for the privilege of living at the beach be so inconvenienced that they cannot get to their own homes because of the events being held at the pier and nearby parking lots. I would suggest perhaps a well-publicized shuttle from parking lots away from the beach, as used by the Hollywood Bowl for example, would help contain the traffic. Additionally, police officers guiding traffic for residents to access our homes without having to compete with or being in the same flow of traffic as the visitors is a fair way to address this problem in the future. Building efficient parking structures at the pier would also prove beneficial for all who want to enjoy our great neighborhood.

Cristina M. Mitro
Santa Monica

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