Homeless Citizens vs. Undocumented Residents

“Re: To Build or Not to Build,” Inside Santa Monica, Jan. 5

Overdevelopment, affordable housing and homelessness all have an easy solution not just in Santa Monica, but throughout Southern California and so-called sanctuary cities nationwide: Enforce our immigration laws. The vacated units will provide more than enough housing for our homeless citizens.

Debra-Lynne Terrill
Playa del Rey

Don’t Blame Me for Your Parents Breaking the Law

Re: “Children in Del Rey’s Deep-Rooted Immigrant Community Brace for a Coming Storm,” Cover Story, Dec. 22

I noticed with interest the photo on the cover of the Dec. 22 edition with the young woman holding a placard asking “Are you offended by us?”

I am highly offended by spineless elected officials who have refused to follow the laws which have already been passed by Congress and signed by the POTUS.

I am greatly offended by unethical and so called “leaders” like Governor Moon Beam and pathetic officials like L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti who arbitrarily committed $10 million in taxpayer funds to encourage even further illegal activities by undocumented people.

The sad looks on the children’s faces shouldn’t be directed at LEGAL citizens, but instead should be directed at their elders, who willingly elected to BREAK our laws and enter the USA on an ILLEGAL basis. Therein lies a great portion of our now out-of-control immigration problems.

The balance of our massive immigration problems rest with pillars of tapioca elected officials with ZERO integrity who for far too long have supported Sanctuary Cities, which encourages even further illegal activities by millions.

As Barack Obama once said, “Elections mean something” — and mean something they did on Nov. 8.

No new laws need ever be enacted, only the ones already in effect need to be followed — in detail!

And until they are, I, like USA citizens by the tens of millions, will continue to be greatly offended. We are a nation of law and order. Hopefully, the election of Nov. 8 will finally return the once great USA to a position of honor throughout the world.

Then, at last, the term “being offended” will no longer apply!

Paul Dotseth
Beverly Hills


Re: “Venice High School’s $111-Million Makeover,” News, Dec. 15

Where’s the state of the art Aquatic Center in this plan? Venice High School has a great swim team, dive team and water polo team. Many students go on to becoming locker attendants and lifeguards for the city. Some even become beach guards! For many, it’s their first job. The Venice High pool offers students a safe place to hang out, learn how to swim, be a part of a team. If there’s any place on that campus that could use a multimillion-dollar facelift: the pool would be the place.

Shannon O’Brien

Re: “Playa Vista Middle School is Go for Launch in Westchester,” News, Dec. 22

I’m so tired of Playa Vista getting precedence over neighboring communities in LAUSD politics. Playa del Rey and Westchester deserve better. I was at recent public meetings held by LAUSD, and this was definitely a political push from the Playa Vista parents for priority over other longstanding community needs. Where is the equity?


Re: “To Build or Not to Build,” Inside Santa Monica, Jan. 5

It’s certain that developers will build, gridlock will grow, and maybe four or five homeless will get 300k condos in new traffic-clogging high-rises.

Mark Herd for L.A. City Council (CD5)