Poison hurts more than rats

Re: “Cats, not poison,” letters, Dec. 17

I applaud George E. Turski for writing his letter on the dangers of using rat poison if that was used in Westchester to take care of the rat infestation (“County sends rodents packing,” news, Nov. 26). He made excellent points about where that poison travels. I watch the bald eagle nest cams, and countless times a dead poisoned rodent is brought to the nest to feed to the eaglets. The bald eaglets end up suffering terribly and then die. Well-fed neutered feral cats are the best rat hunters, so I hope Westchester used those instead of poison.

Diane Eardley
Marina del Rey

A wrong turn for Marina del Rey

Re: “A gem in need of some polish,” guest opinion, Nov. 13

I guess one has to admire a politician who can make a looming disaster sound like peaches and cream.

I imagine Supervisor Don Knabe’s idea of a “visioning phase” and the description of our marina as a “jewel” is pretty heady stuff. It seems to me that the supervisors believe we should be thankful and pleased at what they are doing for us. I rather believe that they are doing something to us.

In 1985, eight neighbors concluded that the management of Marina del Rey was one-sided, thought that we might be able to make the marina its own city and set about an effort called Marina Cityhood. There was a steep learning curve but we were able to learn it, gathering the signatures necessary to move the process along. I remember the overwhelming number of people who told us of war stories with their landlords, the county and everyone else from whom they sought help — all to no avail. If you are wondering what happened to that effort, the L.A. County Board of Supervisors called upon the state legislature for assistance, which in short order produced a bill prohibiting us from going forward.

Mr. Knabe claims in his guest opinion column that the majority of people he spoke to want updates to the look of Marina del Rey. I don’t know who he speaks to … actually, I just had an epiphany: he speaks to the developers who fill his war chest with cash. In April 2012, the
L.A. Times reported that Knabe collected $352,000 for his reelection bid “from an array of contractors, builders, developers and casinos” in an election where there was only one candidate: him.

Here is what developers have gotten from Knabe and the rest of the board. In addition to the red, white and blue monstrosity that should have been built in Miami Beach, coming soon are two hotels at about six stories each with a shopping median between them — this on land once promised to us as a park. Slightly north, in what used to be Bar Harbor and is now encircled by a fence and blue tarp, will be yet another “jewel” building for us to enjoy. It is larger than Shores.

There’s more. Now the city of Los Angeles needs to go through the marina for a sewer project. They could run the sewer along the beach, but have decided that following Villa Marina is better — leaving only one lane of traffic in either direction for as long as two years, with limited access for emergency vehicles. Anyone want to bet this will be a disaster?

The leaseholder for Mariners Village has proposed a 10-year knockdown and rebuild with 9,000 square feet of retail and current tenants invited to head somewhere else. Mariners Village is also a nesting place for those beautiful herons that come by to nest each year. The proposal calls for the removal
of 1,000 mature trees. Bye bye, herons.

We are looking at about 12 years of this ongoing noise and destruction of our way of life. Insanity, I say.

Thanks, Mr. Knabe.
Stuart Simon