Pony rides don’t belong in 2015

Re: “Animal rights battle heads to court,” news, March 26

This is not the first time people have campaigned against the pony rides at the Santa Monica Farmers’ Market — there was also a yearlong protest in 2005.

Many people are clearly disturbed by this activity, including animal experts. As of this writing more than 2,000 people have signed the petition to close the ride and exhibits.

It’s time to enter the modern age and stop exploiting animals for entertainment as well as teach our children more humane ways.

Linda Piera-Avila

Santa Monica

Ford crash was a wake-up call

RE: “Keeping up with the Indiana Joneses,” La Vida SoCal, March 12

We can all count our lucky stars that we did not lose a star when Harrison crash-landed on Penmar Golf Course after taking off from Santa Monica Airport.

Ford will recover, but his crash heard ‘round the world has once again brought attention to the little airport by the sea and reopened the heated debate as to whether it makes sense to operate an airport in such close proximity to a residential neighborhood.

Airport supporters spin the crash as a “beautifully executed forced landing.” This is like me losing the brakes, crashing and totaling the car, ending up in the hospital and calling it a nice parking job.

If Ford’s little plan had been a jet like the one that killed four people when it crashed at Santa Monica Airport in September 2013, the outcome would have been disastrous for the pilot and very possibly others on the ground.

Now is a good time for Mr. Ford, his family, the Federal Aviation Administration and the city of Santa Monica to heed the wake-up call.

Alan Levenson

Santa Monica

Speak up against water wasters

I’ve lived in Marina del Rey for going on 30 years. I wish to draw certain readers’ attention to the unpleasant fact that we are in the midst of a historic drought. Fortunately, many have taken this in and made necessary accommodations.

But on my frequent bike rides around the basins, the Silver Strand and the peninsula, I am struck regularly by the glaring sight of gardeners employed by apartment and condo owners wasting large quantities of water running hoses for long periods, usually for purposes better suited to a broom (the latter goes for leaf blowers, but that is yet another story). In a few instances, gardeners carry on long conversations with friends or associates while vacantly holding their hoses full-on splashing onto the pavement.  When I do occasionally point this out in my passing Spanish, it usually draws polite smiles and resumption of water waste. Property owners should keep an eye on the workers they hire.

Joel Fadem

Marina del Rey

Kindness is a two-way street

Re: “Spiritual Death on Venice Beach,” Power to Speak, March 12

Who is kidding whom?

Venice is the most homeless-friendly place in Los Angeles or Orange County. You would think that Venice could be rewarded with respect and reciprocity. Human defecation on the sidewalk of Rose Avenue is not respect. I know that one cannot control nature, but don’t just leave it there.

Ocean Front Walk in Venice can look like a garbage dump.  It is not the same in Newport Beach, Redondo Beach, or any other beach.

How about what used to be constant unaccompanied aggressive drumming on Ocean Front Walk and Dudley? How could anyone work across the street at the Candle Cafe? The employees there could prevail either in a nuisance lawsuit or obtain a permanent injunction in my professional opinion.

As far as the people yelling Jesus Christ through a loud speaker, they are the ones yelling. The only way they respond to a respectful question that you may ask is to continue their mindless chant. I too proselytize, but I do it quietly with writings on my shirts and always answer people’s questions with total respect.

It seems to me that in Venice some homeless people have anointed themselves with greater rights than they allow to others.

Nelson Schwartz


RE: “When did development become a sin?” letters, March 12

It does not logically follow that opposing a massive real estate development project means that the person “does not work for a living or doesn’t believe in our free-enterprise system” as Roy Reel writes in the Argonaut. It would be fair to point out that Mr. Reel works for a huge architecture firm that represents local developers, as his Linked-in profile explains, and he lives far away from the development he is praising, unlike the Playa del Rey locals who will see parking lot-like conditions worsen on Culver Boulevard thanks to Mr. Reel’s friends if the project goes through. Sorry, Roy, this project is out of place and that doesn’t make me a commie for saying so. If you want to wreck your own neighborhood, give it a try. But don’t be surprised if your neighbors want to run you out of town on a rail.

Rex Frankel

Re: “Pier 44 rebuild would bring in Trader Joe’s,” news, March 12

Now all of the folks in the marina who previously had no need to drive down Via Marina will have one. Ugh! The traffic is out of control on Washington and Lincoln boulevards; now Via Marina will be a problem, too.


It’s another welcomed improvement to a marina that is 30 years outdated. Anything that brings people to the water’s edge to enjoy the boats and views of water activities has my vote. The harbor will not be reborn without having a revitalized and continuous vision that surrounds the entire edge. A few new developments are not enough. We need the whole vision completed, including Fisherman’s Village.


Re: “City leaders target McMansions,” news, March 19

“The minute we let government regulate everything, a homeowner may not be able to use their property the way that they want to.” Did she really say that? I hope someone builds McMansions on every side of her house. Enjoy the view.


700 people signed a petition against the city taking such an action. The article did not state whether agent Black actually lived in the neighborhood. There is no more beach land, so being close to it is a right of L.A. residents. Congratulations, the committee just killed property values in the area. If I were looking to retire and move on I would be pissed!


Re: “A ploughman’s lunch at Pepe’s,” food & drink, March 19

Good writing! I too love Pepe’s! Been eating there for about 15 years and the food still tastes the same. Glad you enjoyed it.