CORRECTION: Due to an editing error, David Fowler was misquoted in our story about Jesse Martinez’s efforts to keep the Venice Skate Park free of trash and graffiti (“The Keeper of Dogtown,” May 21). Referring to local businesses benefitting from the cultural capital of Venice’s skateboarding culture, Fowler said: “They’re all profiting from the tourism and everything this that this place is.” Read the corrected story at

No More Empty Chairs, Please

Re: “Del Rey Council Casts Off No-Shows,” news, May 21

I applaud the Del Rey Neighborhood Council for removing chronically absent board members.

All too often we have empty board member chairs at meetings, even when someone is sitting in it. I’m tired of
seeing board members turning up once a month and casting votes on agenda items they knew nothing about until the minute it was brought up on the agenda.

When you have been chosen to represent the community, even if it’s a volunteer position, you should represent 100% or stand down. You should not wait until you are given the boot!

Steve Wallace
Mar Vista

Note: Wallace is co-chair of the Mar Vista Community Council’s Planning and Land Use Management Committee.

For the Rich by Design

Re: “Plan for Fisherman’s Village is crass, misguided,” letters, May 28

In his letter about the planned remodel of Fisherman’s Village, Bruce Russell comments: “Just looking at their plan raises the question: Why would anyone want to go there?”

The answer: Not just “anyone” would want to go, and that is the point! Only the guests of the fancy hotel are the “ones” (the chosen ones) who will go there, and possibly a few tourists. It will be another development for the rich and their pleasures, not for the people and their pleasures.

The term “developer” makes me shudder these days.

The rich are getting richer —in this material world, that means more powerful — and the little guys’ needs come last, and are being considered less and less.

Lola Terrell
Del Rey


Re: “Airbnb Bites Back,” news, May 21

Santa Monica’s new restrictions on short-term rentals are unfair. We are a retired 80-year-old couple and longtime residents of Santa Monica who live on our social security income. Our property consists of a home with two units in the back, both of which are under rent control. We have just been renting on Airbnb for a year and it has been a blessing! We now have some extra funds to do some needed repairs. We only rent our home when we are traveling to see children and grandchildren. There is no way we will be able to rent and stay on the premises as the new legislation demands.

Because we live in our house when we are not traveling, we are not removing any possible rental from the housing market. The guests to whom we rent are families for whom staying at a hotel would be difficult. I am sure that these guests spend more in the one week they are in Santa Monica than we do in one year. That is great for our local merchants, and they should all encourage the necessary changes to this ordinance.

We are perfectly willing to get a business license and pay reasonable hotel taxes. Please change the legislation to allow rentals as short as one day or as long as a guest wants to stay. Santa Monica will be the ultimate winner.

Arlene and Sid Rosenblatt

Re: “Let’s Get Serious about Homelessness,” opinion, May 14

Councilman Mike Bonin: I am so pleased with the City Council’s formation of the Ad Hoc Committee on Homelessness. More housing is definitely the answer, while transitional housing is also needed for those who wait. Bravo to you for passionately seeing the real needs of our fellow human beings.

Karen Smith Ceaser

Thank you, Councilmember Bonin.
It’s time we abandon our title as the Homeless Capital of the World!

Blair Besten

Re: “Trouble in Paradise,” opinion, May 14

Thank you for your enlightening article laying out the facts about who is giving away the store — our “beloved” politicians downtown. It is disgraceful, to put it mildly, what has happened to this special place over the last five years. The only bit of light beyond this tunnel is that Don Knabe, the chief perpetrator of this travesty, is being termed out soon. I hope everyone will pay attention to replacement candidates and vote for someone who actually values trees, birds and nature in general. I know we need housing, but all of the housing that has been built is out of many people’s price range.

I loved this column! Thanks,
William Hicks.

Catherine Weinberger