A Story Worth Telling

Re: “A Medal of Honor Long Overdue,” opinion, May 21

Kelly Hayes-Raitt and The Argonaut have done a public service by recounting the valor of Mexican-American soldiers in World War II. It happens that I have read “The Dark Side of the Dream” by Alejandro Grattan-Dominguez, and I enjoyed seeing the quotes from his book.

I think such historical background should move those adamantly opposed to immigration reform to see what an asset Mexican-Americans have been to the United States — and not just their military service.

Fred Mittag
Guadalajara, Mexico

‘Victims’ Seem to Challenge Police

Re: “A highly charged arrest,” news, May 28

Your article about the arrest at an electric vehicle charging station really seems to say that the police are treating black people in a very biased way.

In almost every case we have seen in the past year, it always seems that the “victim” refuses to follow the simple first request of the police officers. They argue, become angry and, as was the case with the person in your article, he doesn’t accept the fact that he waited until it was convenient for him to hook up to an electric outlet at almost 11 p.m. at night.

Now this person will try to sue the city, and on we go about how awful the police are.

I do not care if the person is black or white; just the idea that so often those who go to jail argue and are rather self-centered. They need help with anger management.

Peter D. Mitchell
Marina del Rey


Re: “Sailing Therapy Program for Veterans Encounters Rough Waters,” nautical news, June 4

I have had the pleasure of many sailing adventures with the vets on Emerald. She has a new purpose in life and that is to be a vital part of the recovery of the men and women who fight for our freedom. I have faith that the Marina del Rey community will see her new purpose and rally in a massive way to give her a permanent home so she can fulfill it.

Frances Weber

Re: “Airbnb Bites Back,” news, May 21

The case of elderly people renting out a room in their home to make ends meet isn’t really challenged by the law, since it provides a means for this activity to continue, and since in most of those cases the elderly owner continues to reside on the property being sublet.

The biggest problem resulting from the Airbnb model is that entrepreneurs with big bucks are taking over rental units – even whole apartment buildings – and using them exclusively as “vacation” rentals, taking these units off the regular rental market, and exerting an upward pressure on already-too-high rents.