Fighting community care law

Re: “Opposition to community care ordinance grows amid increased scrutiny” (Argonaut, July 5).

Bravo to Karen Wolfe, Cindy Young, and the scores of others who are trying to defeat this harmful ordinance. The ordinance would not only disallow the types of homes mentioned in the article in over 90 percent of the residential area of the city, but would also impact families sharing housing for economic reasons, even homeowners wishing to rent out rooms to make ends meet.

At the same time, it would fail to address nuisances. Non-profits getting state or federal funding must have separate leases, but bad operators could skirt the law by putting all residents under the same lease.

Sharon Rapport, Los Angeles

Sidewalk holes mystery

We are 21-year residents of Westchester and are perplexed. We have walked hundreds of miles not only through our Westport Heights neighborhood but through most of the city.

We are curious, what are these dug-out and re-filled holes on many of the Westchester sidewalks? We have asked long-term residents, contractors and the like, and nobody seems to know.

We thought at one point perhaps they held the posts to tie up one’s horse in front of your house, but alas, there were cars in the 1940s when most of these homes were built.

Did aliens arrive in Westchester and probe the sidewalks? Can you ask your readers if anyone knows what these holes are, sidewalk potholes, or what.

Inquiring minds want to know.

We love The Argonaut and enjoy it every week.

Nancy and Tom Tancredi, Westchester