Blame Rent Control for Short-Term Rentals

Re: “Airbnb Bites Back,” news, May 21; Letters to the Editor, June 3

There would be no incentive for apartment owners to leave their units unrented and vacant except for the oppressive rent control adopted in Santa Monica and Los Angeles.

However, if you own a Mar Vista, Del Rey, Playa del Rey, Venice, Santa Monica or Echo Park/Silver Lake apartment unit and you’re able to rent the unit out for $200 a day through short-term rental sites, it is vastly more profitable than a simple rental to a traditional long-term tenant who falls under the jurisdiction of rent control.

Simply stated, if you eliminate rent control, apartment owners would remain loyal and devoted to conventional and traditional rental practices.

In any event, the short-term rental regulations in L.A. and Santa Monica are designed to promote tenants violating their rental agreements, which provide that there shall be no assignment, sub-renting or subletting.

Remove rent control and this will eliminate the huge profit incentive for short-term rentals.

Michael Millman

Mar Vista

Why the Marina Is Losing its Trees

Re: “Techies Like Trees,” opinion, June 11

Absolutely right, Mr. Hicks.

The problem is that the L.A. County Board of Supervisors and developers are nearsighted and cannot see beyond the end of their wallets.

Roslyn E. Walker
Marina del Rey


Re: “Techies Like Trees,” opinion, June 11

Thank you for voicing this concern, William. We need to make the people’s voice heard. Sticking up for nature is critical, and I’m shocked that there is so much deforesting going on — still! How can we impact the powers that be to be concerned and proactive about nature conservancy?

Holly Mae