Save the Civic — Make It the Googolplex

Re: “Saving the Civic,” news, June 11

Regarding the fate of the Santa Monica Civic, let’s get creative.

I suggest it be taken over by high-tech giant Google and renamed the Googolplex, after the 1920 term coined by noted American mathematician Edward Kasner’s 9- year-old nephew Milton Sirotta. I remember as a youth learning of this number for which, according to Wikipedia, young Sirotta invented the term Googol — the number one followed by 100 zeros (10100 ), also known as ten duotrigintillion. In a second wave of brilliance, Sirotta invented the number Googolplex, which Kasner quantified as a Googol squared 10(10100).  Suffice to say, it’s a huge number.

As the name infers, the Googolplex would be used to share a multitude of ideas for creativity and innovation — a place where people could share, discuss and act upon ideas. Imagine TED Talks meets Kahn Academy meets…

To make the Googolplex economically viable, private businesses must be part of the mix: Retail, hotel, dining. Once operating, other uses could be found (public performances, music, meditation…), as many people are looking for a more intimate event setting than the large arenas/sports complexes now available.

One thing’s for sure — aside from The Broad Stage (538 seats) and Royce Hall (1,800 seats), the Civic (3,000 seats) is one of very few venues of that sort left in West Los Angeles.

F. Bundy, Venice


Re: Fêting the Heads of the Class,” news, June 3

There is no job more important than teaching. Thanks and congratulations to Sam Innes and all the other awardees, from a proud father in Pennsylvania.

Frank Innes

Re: “Beach Parking Lot Eyes for Office Space,” news, June 11

The very idea of this sort of massive development so close to our Pacific Ocean is obnoxious.

I oppose this. It is not Venice.

Carol Kapp