Let’s Fix Mother’s Beach

Re: “Mother’s Beach is Second-Most Polluted in the State,” news, June 25

With plans to redevelop much of Marina del Rey, including the Mother’s Beach area, why not hire an expert to create a 21st-century solution to clean up chronically polluted Mother’s Beach?

It doesn’t take Heal the Bay’s Beach Report Card for most mothers to instinctively know to keep children out of the water at Mother’s Beach.  As with many ends of our marina’s basins, the water often stagnates with a soupy appearance, with floating trash that lingers. It’s certainly an uninviting place to go swimming for children or adults with common sense.

Not that Mother’s Beach can be transformed into a pristine, Caribbean-like beach, but certainly there must be more effective systems than the current water re-circulator. Perhaps there needs to be a larger-scale system to recirculate and filter the water to minimize bacteria and also to generate small, gentle waves that roll onto Mother’s Beach for a clean, safe and fun swim for children of all ages.

Good luck trying to keep seagulls and other birds out of the area to “solve” the problem. They were here long before us.

Peter R. Steinblums
Marina del Rey


Re: “SMO Countdown Begins,” news, June 25

This is insane. NIMBY groups speak out of both sides of their mouth. First they say the airport is dangerous and polluting, then they say put a park feet from the airport. If you are so concerned about the airport, why would you want to put things closer to it?

Pilot Rick

Removing 12 acres of aircraft tie-downs will create much-needed park space and reduce the aircraft parking capacity of Santa Monica Airport, making it a less-desirable destination. These are important steps toward limiting the airport’s current harmful impacts and repurposing it as a healthy park in the future.