Vaccines make for Healthier Communities

Re: “Gov. Brown Signs Mandatory Vaccinations Law,” news, July 2

As a community advocate and physician, I want to thank our legislators for their commitment to public health. Special thanks go to our own state Sen. Ben Allen, who helped lead the charge to pass this important piece of legislation.

While some of the debate has been far-reaching, this bill has really opened up a conversation to educate people about the importance and effectiveness of vaccinations. Not only are they scientifically proven to be safe and useful, they’ve helped reduce the number of preventable outbreaks that have previously killed thousands of people.

Now that SB 277 is law, I know our communities will be healthier and our schools will be safer.

Dr. Sion Roy
Santa Monica


To vaccinate or not is not the issue. The issue is preserving parental rights. I vaccinated my kids on an extremely spread-out schedule to minimize possible dangerous side effects associated with vaccinations. SB 277 will no longer allow a parent to spread out the vaccinations. If you don’t follow the schedule, you can’t go to school. Ben Allen did not listen to his constituents. Really, what was he thinking? Just look at the area he represents.

Cathey Painter

So glad this passed. We spent the last year worried that an unvaccinated child would pass the measles or another disease to my grandchild, who was not old enough to be vaccinated. Her parents ended up having a nanny for a lot longer than they planned in order to keep her out of day care, where children may or may not be from a home that doesn’t vaccinate. If you feel so strongly about not vaccinating your children, then you should home-school them as well for the public good.

L. Scott