The Almighty Dollar

Government chooses which laws to enforce — those that draw revenue.

Government chooses which laws to ignore — those that don’t draw revenue.

Zoning Code violations from onsite parking requirements do not draw revenue.

Parking Code violations in the street cause citations that do draw revenue.

Revenue would actually go down if onsite parking requirements were enforced.

Parking problems would actually go down if offsite parking congestion were reduced.

Peter Griswold
Marina del Rey

No Place for Racism
Re: “No Fan of Jesse Jackson,” letters, July 30
Last week’s letter regarding Jesse Jackson smacks of racism. Why assist this flagrant racist commentary when there are so many other important issues?
Jay Berkowitz
Playa del Rey



Re: “Where the Wild Things Are,” opinion, July 30

“… Not get-lands, pet-lands, or jet-lands, but wetlands.” How perfect is that! Now, I would like all of those alphabet soup agencies, and especially the L.A. County Board of Supervisors, to repeat that mantra over and over every morning, and maybe they will get it. They are working for the people! Another deeply thought out, beautifully written, sensible column. I hope this will be a call to arms to all of us who have gotten complacent that the “powers that be” will do the right thing. The only thing they do is look for loopholes (or create them) to fit their agenda. Columnist William Hicks for supervisor!

Catherine Weinberger

Re: “The Dwellification of Venice,” opinion, July 23

Leave it to L.A.’s out-of-control developer-political complex to turn Venice trash, which for decades has been recognized worldwide as a source of creative treasure, into developer-trash — which nobody can stand. Kudos to L.A. City Councilman Mike Bonin. Wake up, brother! You, your developer cronies and all your cops are killing Venice!

David Busch

Now every time I walk, bike or drive down the streets and see a for-sale sign, it just breaks my heart knowing that in a year it will be another one of these monsters. It seems that most of them are being done on spec, too. Not by families who are choosing to make these. Because after they are built, you immediately see another for-sale sign go up. It is just so sad. RIP Venice.

Holly Mosher

Re: “More than Just a Hotel,” news, July 9

Change and growth is always a positive injection. Dan Abrams’ hotel concept for Abbot Kinney Boulevard needs to be completed as soon as possible. The progressive movement forward of this project will help bring economic stability to Venice.

Thomas Poster