A red line against LAX expansion

It is a no-brainer that Los Angeles International Airport needs to be modernized. Every time I visit another city with a contemporary and efficient airport, I always rue my eventual return to ours.
Alternatives 2 (taxiway reconfiguration/terminal and ground transport improvements) and 9 (ground transport improvements) of the LAX Specific Plan Amendment Study provide jobs and benefit the local economy.
As a Westchester resident, I am not against improving a vital engine to our local economy.  But, I am opposed to the unnamed advocates for moving the north runway. The suggestion that it would decrease noise pollution drew the biggest guffaw at the town hall Sept. 27.
And we know from the NASA/Ames study that runway safety would not improve.
Expanding the runways to accommodate huge air buses serves the interests of the airlines.  It does not serve the interests of our community.
I urge all to let the politicos, labor unions and airlines know that a red line against deleterious expansion has been drawn.

Douglas Wicks,Westchester

Cite the parking violators

Police patrols and parking enforcement are not doing their jobs in the Playa del Rey and Westchester communities. Residents are parking their cars and trucks not in their respective driveways but extending out into the street.
They are partially blocking sidewalks, which is against the law. Their vehicles extend more than 18 inches out into the roadway, which breaks another law.
Parking in this manner breaks the plane of sight and obstructs the view of oncoming vehicles, which creates a dangerous situation. Many vehicles in the area of Hastings Avenue and 83rd Street park in this manner.
Wake up police and parking enforcement and cite these vehicles.

Al Wiseman, Playa del Rey