Nervous about the New Neighbors

See “Has Mar Vista Become the Rehab Capital of Los Angeles?” news, page 9

It would appear that the sleepy bedroom community of Mar Vista, with its high density of single-family homes, has been targeted be sober living / drug-and-alcohol rehabilitation homes over the past several years.

Most recently, one group home operator admitted at a community meeting of Mar Vista residents that they do not use any form of professional screening to evaluate and verify whether their guests have a history of convictions for criminal misconduct, sexual assault or addiction to drugs or alcohol. This group is in the process of developing a multi-bedroom facility with an independent rear house that may accommodate between four to six additional beds.

It appears the group has no license and doesn’t need one. Liquor stores, sex apparel shops and cocktail lounges all require licensing and approval from the neighborhood. Community care facilities should be required to obtain a conditional use permit.

Michael Millman
Mar Vista

The Kardashians aren’t the Problem

Re: “L.A. County Orders Probe of Kardashian Fireworks Show,” news, Sept. 2

Aw, c’mon, give the Kardashians a break. How could they know their fireworks would affect anyone? As far as they know, they’re the only ones on this planet and it is all theirs to do with as they wish.

I blame it all on Don Knabe, Marina del Rey’s county super-visor, and his four other cohorts, who do know there are other people on this planet but do not know the difference between a marina and a city.

The growth and development they have approved and are continuing to approve for the marina only belongs in a city. And their actions will bring more noise, contamination, congestion and inconvenience that negatively affects the mental and physical health of the residents of Marina del Rey beyond eight minutes of fireworks. And we know how negatively affected we were by those eight minutes.

Noise, congestion and contamination of all kinds 24 hours a day, every day of the year — now that is something we all should get up in arms and do something about. Now.

Roslyn E. Walker
Marina del Rey

Who’s Paying Attention?

Re: “Chick-Fil-A finds a beef in Westchester,” news, Aug. 27

It was interesting to read that homeless people had been living in the former Grinder restaurant. There is evidence of vagrancy and vandalism of the former church on La Tijera Boulevard and Sepulveda Eastway since the congregation moved out and school has ended.

Numerous notifications during the last month to the developer, Three 60, and Councilman’s Bonin’s office have not brought any results. It is clear the owner, the developer and Mr. Bonin do not really care about what happens in Westchester. If there is arson or breaking of the stained glass windows, it will be on them.

Marsha Henline

Three Cheers for ‘Pagliacci’

Re: “Clowns and Cuckolds,” arts, Aug. 6

Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch? Those of us who had the good fortune to experience the staging of the opera “Pagliacci” at Burton Chace Park on Aug. 11 had a banquet — a feast of music. The joy of seeing and hearing in a beautiful setting, sailboats gliding by gently and quietly. Even the dogs and children were in the mood. It was a near perfect evening.

Corrine Sutila


Re: “Giving Crime a Fight,” cover story, Aug. 20

Our community is being diminished by the overdevelopment that is going on throughout Venice. When I say community, I mean people knowing their neighbors and watching out for one another on a daily basis. When this happens in the neighborhood you know who and what is going on at all times. With so many new and changing faces each and every day, it’s not easy to keep up with who’s who.

It is extremely hard to watch out for your neighbors when you do not know them. There is no human connection, and with all the high fences blocking the street view it makes it difficult to watch the property or cars. You may think this is privacy but it possibly could be a thieves’ paradise.

Blame can be spread all over the community with the revolving door of people that are coming in and out of Venice on a daily basis. To blame the homeless is an easy out. Get to know one another (even the homeless) and make friends with your neighbors. Smile and say hello when you’re walking down the street, and most of all love Venice.

Laddie Williams