Not What a Beach Should Look Like

Re: “Biohazard Beach,” news, Oct. 1

I’m a very recent transplant to L.A. from the Bay Area who decided to take an exploratory walk on Dockweiler State Beach on Sept. 23. I’ve lived in coastal areas of California my entire life, but I had never seen anything like what I saw that day — hundreds, maybe thousands, of plastic tampon applicators all over the shoreline.

At first I thought some joker had thrown a box of tampons in the water, but there were too many and in too many colors. After about a mile of tampons, I asked one of the many guys in hazmat vests cleaning the beach if there had been some kind of an “event,” but he said no, this was just community service.

I’m really happy to have a potential explanation, because I was starting to worry that this was an everyday occurrence. And if El Nino hits hard this year, it’s horrifying to think it might become one.

None of us have very much individual control over the weather or how quickly the Bureau of Sanitation corrects the problem (which they should, and fast).

But I have to wonder if many of these plastic tampon applicators got into the sewage system because they were flushed down the toilet.

No one should do that.

Better still, we could stop buying tampons with plastic applicators at all and use ones with paper or no applicators, or any of the several cheaper and much more sustainable alternatives on the market.

That’s one thing we can control — and to our own benefit, because beaches aren’t supposed to look like that.

Heather Pegas



Re: “Playa del Rey is Making Noise about an Increase in LAX Flyovers,” news, Sept. 10

Thank you for this explanation. I am glad the flyovers will be reduced after Oct. 19. I thought the aircrafts flying over us were “cheating” on their way up north! Now I understand no cheating is involved. Go-arounds when the runway is occupied and planes can’t land are annoying but unavoidable. Safety first. Thank you for your service to the community, Argonaut. Keep up the good work.

Kam Rezvani