Such Waste Should Have Consequences

Re: “The Money Pit: LAX officials were spending so fast the paperwork couldn’t keep up,” Opinion, Oct. 29

Finally some serious journalism! Thanks so much Tony Peyser for your work on this story of how the remodeling of just one terminal at LAX cost us taxpayers not just the original $621 million estimate, but an additional $415 million over the original price.

Thanks for trying to make sense of the official 86-page audit of this remodeling train wreck. Perhaps you could get some CPAs involved. Of course the person in charge of LAX’s remodel, Gina Marie Lindsay, decided to retire this past June, but is she not responsible for what happened on her watch?

Please ask the D.A. who, if not Ms. Lindsay — and how was it possible that she made $20,000 more per year than LAPD Chief Charlie Beck? — is responsible for $415 million in extra spending for “change orders.”

We teach our children that actions have consequences. Why are there not consequences for adults who are unable to do something so basic as stay within a budget?

Liesel Friedrich, Westchester

Protect the Venice Vibe

Re: “Venice Should Secede from Los Angeles,” Power to Speak, Oct. 29

Venice is unique to the city of Los Angeles and, certainly, if we were allowed to keep all the money we generated I think we could manage to pay for the services an independent city requires and succeed on our own. We do have a strong, active community as well.

What I’ve noticed though, particularly in Santa Monica, is that in smaller cities the need to generate money is always at the forefront. Santa Monica police are way more aggressive about things such as traffic issues — I once received a citation for making a three-point turn. I often go to Peet’s Coffee at 5 a.m., and even then with no one around I’m not sure where there’s a squad car lurking and waiting around the corner to catch people at something.

Every time you gain something, you lose something as well, and by becoming our own city we would certainly lose the laid-back vibe that really defines Venice.

People in Venice have been trying to secede from Los Angeles forever. We’ll see what happens — there’s certainly a lot of people eligible to be mayor!

Daryl Barnett, Venice