Fix the Damn Streets!

Re: “Can You Hear Us Now?” Opinion, Oct. 22

Anyone who has lived in Marina del Rey for the past few years has certainly noticed an increase in traffic, with many of these cars seemingly uncertain of where they’re going. As a result it has become a major project to get around anymore.

It also appears construction crews have abandoned whatever umpteenth road project they were working on. There hasn’t been a crew siting around here for a number of months now. Instead, what we’re left with is an unrepaired road with metal grates that either limit traffic to one lane or risk tire damage to your car. (Not to mention all the dingers on the car from previous road construction projects.)

Every time I pass the proposed site of two more Marriott hotels (we already have one on Via Marina and Admiralty Way), I can’t help but shake my head. Maybe they should finish fixing the roads before worrying about building more hotels that we don’t want or need.

I don’t care what L.A. County Supervisor Don Knabe wants. This is Marina del Rey, not Marriott del Rey.

Fix the damn streets already!

Syd Vogler
Marina del Rey

SMO is Unfairly Targeted

Re: “Why Build Next to a Runway?” Letters, Nov. 12

Congratulations to Jack for writing one of the few letters to the editor in defense of Santa Monica Airport (SMO) in recent years. Yes, the airport is noisy and polluting, but what about the Hawthorne, Fullerton and Torrance airports? LAX? The 405 Freeway, for that matter? Are any groups trying to shut down these entities with the same vigor as those that attack SMO?

The Santa Monica City Council and others who are antagonistic to maintaining operations at SMO should think twice and heed the advice expressed in Mr. Keady’s letter.

Dennis Schachter
Mar Vista


Re: “Why Build Next to a Runway?” Letters, Nov. 12

Jack Keady is right when he says, “There’s no question that the airport is noisy and polluting.” What really matters here is not what happened in the past, but the current noise and pollution and other negative impacts to the 170,000 people who live in zip codes directly adjacent to the Santa Monica Airport.


Re: “Venice Should Secede from Los Angeles,” Power to Speak, Oct. 29

I’ve lived here for 37 years. For the first several years, our walk streets were cleaned and swept every two weeks. Yes, we had gang problems, but we also had a sense of community that is slowly fading away. I think it’s a great idea for Venice to separate from Los Angeles.

Nancy Lamb