The NRA and Airbnb

Re: “Short-Term Rental Shuffle,” News, Nov. 11

It seems to me that lobbyists for short-term rental brokers have learned a thing or two from the National Rifle Association’s tactics.

The NRA tells people with deer hunting rifles that if they allow assault weapons to be banned, soon they won’t be allowed to own their deer-hunting rifle.

Email blasts asking all Airbnb members to show up at all short-term rental policy meetings seem to encourage legitimate home-sharers (owners who rent extra space while remaining on premises) to muddy the waters and fight for absentee landlords who exploit the system for extreme profit while taking long-term rental housing off the market.

Investors and corporations doing Airbnb “en masse” — evicting tenants and turning entire apartment buildings into de facto hotels without permits or safety standards — are ruining a good idea with their greed.

These property gangsters are scamming the legitimate little people into fighting for their real estate empires. Similar to the NRA’s tricks, the message is that if anything is banned, everything will be banned.

It just ain’t so.

Roxanne Brown


Keep My Coffee Hot and My News Local

Re: “Hug a Tort Lawyer,” Opinion, Dec. 10

I have always believed that The Argonaut was a paper to provide us information about the areas we live in: Marina del Rey, Santa Monica, Playa del Rey, Playa Vista, Mar Vista, etc.

I cannot understand the rationale to include an article about a product liability case that occurred 25 years ago. Was there nothing of local interest in our area, in the county of Los Angeles, or anywhere in the state of California for that matter?

I do not read The Argonaut to rehash issues that are 25 years old.

And in regard to that particular issue, I buy coffee from Starbucks, McDonald’s and other take-away places. I want my coffee hot. When they hand me the cup it is usually so hot that I have to put an insulated sleeve around it, which I do. I would never, never put a hot cup of coffee between my legs.

Please get back to local news.

Ron Rader
Playa del Rey


Re: “Hug a Tort Lawyer,” Opinion, Dec. 10

Terrific article. The myth that we need “tort reform” to correct “lawsuit abuse” has been spread by corporate and insurance interests for years, long before the McDonald’s coffee case. This is a despicable campaign of misinformation and lobbying (mainly by and to Republican interests) to prevent the average injured American from receiving full and fair treatment and compensation from the civil justice system. Full and fair access to civil justice is a right that is guaranteed by the Seventh Amendment of the Constitution. Constitutional Republicans are hypocrites on this issue. The Second Amendment is sacred, but the 7th is to be ignored? Shame on them!


Re: “Ripped from the Headlines,” News, Nov. 25

Glad to see someone is standing up for the truth! It’s about time that irresponsible media outlets get called on the carpet for the disservice they’ve done to journalism. This doesn’t seem much like a celebrity issue to me but rather an issue of accountability in media. Hope this sends a message!

Suzi Crockett-Spoon

Andrew’s a great guy and Full Circle is an awesome space. It’s not a “new age temple” or anything weird like the media tries to portray it. It’s just a great space for the community to come together and hold events. I hope he wins the lawsuit and Full Circle is funded forever.


It’s always an honor to be a part of the Full Circle gatherings. Positive uplifting conscious community gatherings. These ridiculous misleading attempts at journalism are so far from the truth.

Ram Kirin

I see Andrew Keegan all the time in Venice. He’s always flanked with these super hipster dudes who wear really bright colors and have wild hair. Never approached him myself but he and his peeps seem very passionate about what they’re doing. Can’t say I understand it all but they should be able to do their thing in peace.
Stop hating and let peaceful people just be!

Mindy Holiday

People should be free to practice whatever beliefs they have without the media harassing them and making it impossible to live their values. I remember Andrew Keegan from that stupid show “7th Heaven.” I’m glad he’s doing something more meaningful now. He was a cool baby daddy but probably a cooler temple papi.

Blake Sheldon

Re: “A Tradition Rises Again,” Food & Drink, Nov. 19

I have been buying my bread at Lodge since the first week it opened. Absolutely fantastic bread!

Genesis Landry