Lower the Speed Limit on Via Marina

Re: “Three Die in High-Speed Crash on Via Marina,” News, Dec. 31

When will the Sheriff’s Department crack down on speeders on Via Marina?

Or the L.A. County Board of Supervisors reduce the speed limit through this residential area along Via Marina to 35 miles per hour?

I tried to get the county to do these two things in Spring 2013 after one of our homeowners was hit by a car on Via Marina. A county engineer politely told me that there was no problem with traffic on Via Marina and nothing could be done. The Sheriff’s Department never responded.

Three people dead, in part because of county negligence, is more than enough justification for proper speed enforcement and a lower speed limit.

But we only live here. We don’t represent the business interests who are taking over the marina.

Norbert J Kubilus
Treasurer, Via Marina Tahiti HOA

Do Trees Save Lives?

Re: “Marina del Razed,” Opinion, Dec. 31

Goodbye to the lovely coral trees in the median at the end of Via Marina. There were five, but now only two. I thought they helped people slow down. Just days after the trees were removed, the crash that killed three people happened. If the trees had been there, would it have?

Susanne Cumming
Marina del Rey

Let’s Not Add More Cars

Re: “Three Die in High-Speed Crash on Via Marina,” News, Dec. 31

For years cars have been exceeding the speed limit along Via Marina in the evenings in an apparent rush to get home. We have had no deployment of traffic police for many years. Now three are killed and one is critically injured in what appears to be a speeding car hitting a curb/tree.

And the L.A. County Supervisors wish to add to the mix 288 hotel rooms at Via Marina and Tahiti Way. Think of the traffic! Think of the pollutants from construction and traffic, the additional water, waste and electricity. There are already six hotels in Marina del Rey, none operating at more than 80% occupancy, and plans to develop another at Fisherman’s Village. Most visitors to Marina del Rey may be able to afford a drink at the new hotel; it’s for outsiders and unfair to L.A. County residents.

Lynne Shapiro

Marina del Rey


Re: “Three Die in High-Speed Crash on Via Marina,” News, Dec. 31

Via Marina has many problems with speeders. I am a resident of a condo that faces Via Dolce; the rear faces Via Marina. We had a lady resident struck by a car crossing at Bora Bora to mail a letter. There are no cross walks. The speed limit is too fast.

Sanford Nadlman

Something needs to be done about Via Marina in general. As a resident whose windows face that street, I can tell you that a lot of people use it as a raceway. The sounds that come from there are ungodly at all hours. And the speed is ridiculous for a pedestrian street. This will continue to happen unless there is a way to slow down the traffic on this street. There is no logical reason to be driving 80 mph on this street. None.