Tell It Like It Is

Re: “2015: Year in Review,” Cover Story, Dec. 31

Congratulations to The Argonaut for producing such a fine year-end issue. Great photos, text and personal commentaries combined to capsulize the year’s most poignant and bittersweet news stories.

Additionally, it was refreshing that Marina del Rey was not referenced by its glamorized façade but was presented as it really is: a community very much in pain.

The issue really hit home.

Barbara Black
Marina del Rey

Short-Term Rental Rules Unfairly Punish Homeowners

Re: “The NRA and Airbnb,” Letters, Dec. 17, and “Airbnb is good for Santa Monica,” Opinion, Dec. 17

Roxanne Brown’s letter to the editor refers to the multi-unit property owners who are the source of the problems that single property owners are having. Robert St. Genis’ column argues that Airbnb helps Santa Monica. Neither speaks to the entirety of the city’s anti-Airbnb ordinance.

The main problem with Santa Monica’s short-term rental ordinance is that it does not separate the owners of multiple units from the individual homeowners who only rent their property when they are out of town.

Single property owners who just rent when they are traveling to make a little extra money should not be lumped into the same ordinance. When we rent our two-bedroom home to families, whether for a weekend or a week, we are allowing guests to come to Santa Monica for their vacations, and they spend lots of money with local merchants. The city of Santa Monica and its merchants benefit from this.

I am calling on the Santa Monica City Council to allow owners of a single home to rent their primary residence for any length of time that the property owner is away from home. The owner should not need to remain on the property. They should be licensed and pay a tax on the amount of income from the rental. That tax should be dedicated to help fund low-
cost housing.

Arlene Rosenblatt
Santa Monica

No Hesitation on SMO

Re: “Future Predictions: Local experts on what to expect in 2016,” Jan. 7

Regarding Santa Monica’s airport and our City Council’s reaction to the adverse administrative determination from the Federal Aviation Administration, our new Mayor Tony Vazquez may have been interviewed before he took over as Mayor at our Dec. 8 City Council meeting. My last act as outgoing mayor that last night was this: Motion by Mayor McKeown, seconded by Councilmember Davis, to challenge the Federal Aviation Agency’s ruling.

The motion was approved by the following vote:

AYES: Councilmembers Davis, Himmelrich, Winterer, O’Day, Mayor pro tem Vazquez, Mayor McKeown

NOS: None.

ABSENT: Councilmember O’Connor

That was just four days after the announcement of the administrative determination. We did not hesitate.

Kevin McKeown
Santa Monica City Council