What It’s Really Like Being Homeless
Re: “Encouraged and Optimistic,” Letters, April 21

I was so disappointed when I read Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority Commissioner Pearson’s letter. How out of touch the non-homeless are.

We don’t need to have a campaigning politician getting a round of applause for some faraway plan that may or may not come to pass. We need restrooms and showers, food and shelter. And a place to charge our only link to society: our cell phones. A food truck to distribute paper-bag lunches would be a great start.

News Flash: The system is broken. Last week I went to OPCC (formerly Ocean Park Community Center) up near Cloverfield Boulevard. I spoke with five people who were just sitting around, but I was told to come back later because they couldn’t find the clipboard. I paid a precious 50-cent parking meter fee for that. I wasn’t allowed to park in their lot because that was only for their shiny nice cars. Your tax dollars and donations at work.

I am a college grad with some grad school. I am a clean-living person. No drink/smoke/drugs. But try losing your only child and see if you don’t have a breakdown. You think you can handle it, but…

I went to get disability six times. They only give me $400 per month. No food stamps.

We are your sisters and brothers, and yes we are in your backyard. Having the police harass people who have a little tent for protection from the elements is inhuman.

Elizabeth Finnegan
West Los Angeles

Discover Delicious Del Rey
Re: “Westside Dining Guide 2016,” April 21

The Argonaut has its offices in Del Rey, and yet the Westside Dining Guide had no section for Del Rey. There were display ads from a few of the restaurants in Marina Marketplace and along Centinela Avenue, but no acknowledgement that all of the restaurants between Washington and Jefferson boulevards, from Lincoln Boulevard to the Culver City border, are all in Del Rey.  We have many excellent eateries, and a list is posted on our website, delreyhome.org. We hope Del Rey’s restaurants will be highlighted in a future edition of the Westside Dining Guide.

Elizabeth A. Pollock
President, Del Rey Residents Association

Goodbye, KJ’s

Re: “Westchester is now up Bowlmor’s Alley,” News, April 28

Your article about the remodel of the El Dorado Lanes bowling alley stated that no one protested the closing of KJ’s Diner. This is because we were lead to believe it would be back when all the renovations were completed. It will be missed. The best Spanish omelet in town.

Gerry Gray
Playa del Rey

Hope and Frogs in Playa Vista

Re: “Save the Pacific Chorus Frog,” Opinion, March 10

To save a cancer patient, doctors will often remove surrounding good tissue when taking out a tumor to ensure it does not return. Iceplant is a cancer on the Ballona Wetlands, the patient. Solarization is the most effective means to remove iceplant, and is also the safest in terms of preventing worker injury.

Even if some small creatures such as the Pacific Chorus Frog do become trapped under a solarization canopy and are killed, they are the good tissue that is being sacrificed to eradicate the cancer harming the patient.

It’s a choice, and we all feel different about it. Most of us feel sad about it. We should feel worse if a worker were injured while manually removing acres of iceplant, particularly if the iceplant later returns due to incomplete eradication, like cancers sometimes do. This is another benefit of solarization.

Second, the Pacific Chorus Frog is not included on either the Special Animals or the Endangered and Threatened Animals lists, which incorporate multiple state and federal agency designations. The species is not at risk, at Ballona or anywhere else. That might not make us feel less sad, but it is relevant.

Finally, there is a thriving population of Pacific Chorus Frogs in the riparian corridor of Playa Vista, adjacent to the off-leash dog park on Bluff Creek Drive. The population spills into the residential area, where frog calls can be heard any evening emanating from the landscape plants. During the day, egrets are observed browsing the corridor and preying on these frogs.

Since the article’s author has long claimed this area was once Ballona freshwater wetland, this Playa Vista frog population must constitute a fourth Ballona population not mentioned in her article.

This is good news, and makes me happy.
David W. Kay, Playa Vista


Re: “A BID for Better Care of Venice,” News, April 28

Don’t be conned by the reasoning of the business owners who want a BID in Venice. The only reason they want it is so they can hire a private security firm to make the lives of homeless people in Venice miserable in ways that the LAPD can’t. When I lived in Hollywood there was a BID patrol there. It was comprised entirely of former L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies who could care less about anybody’s constitutional rights due to the fact that they were a private security company and not a government entity.

Richard Woolsworth

I agree with Richard Woolworth. The homeless are being unfairly targeted by LAPD and a BID is like them getting all gestapo on the homeless. LAPD also has been harassing Latino and Black residents in the Oakwood area of Venice.

It’s getting to the point where Venice will become a private resort for rich people. I am sure the next step after this in the near future will be to install more cameras in BID areas. Councilman Mike Bonin just implemented cameras all over the boardwalk and in the parking lots. These are high-tech cameras that capture video very clearly.

I wouldn’t be surprised if someone started a tourism petition to boycott Venice from your travels. I know people are keeping their mouth shut about this: Garcetti, Bonin and the City Council are taking this city in a really bad direction. People, let’s step up and get these corrupt officials out of office.

Gabriel Martinez

Hopefully this will help to clean up the boardwalk area. It could be so much nicer for everyone!


Re: “Westside Dining Guide 2016,” April 21

Is there one vegan or vegetarian restaurant in your guide? I didn’t see one. You could have had Sage Vegan Bistro in there. This is 2016 — get with it. Include vegan restaurants.


Re: “Aion Velie is in the Stars,” Opinion, April 21

Wonderful writing about an amazing man. He will be missed.

Roylene Phillips

Re: “Marietta Bernstorff, Guest Curator at SPARC,” Community Bulletin Board, March 31

Marietta was influential in the early days of the downtown renaissance in Tucson. It’s so good to see that her work has continued to increase in significance and focus even more intensely on community issues.                     Teresa

 Re: “A New Neighborhood Treasure,” Food & Drink, April 28

Wife and I had a late meal recently at Rustic Kitchen. We had to try everything, way more than we could eat. She had sliders and we shared a bowl of vegan tomato soup that was very tasty and filling. I also had the grilled cheese sandwich with grilled onions and apples. It was the best grilled cheese sandwich ever.                              Stephen Boskin