There Goes the Gayborhood

Re: “A Requiem for the Fish,” News, May 5

The Roosterfish was where I first worked for the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center’s Lifeguard Project. And where I met a good number of my Venice friends for the first time and many times thereafter. And where Ken and I frequently hung out in our 17 years of living in Venice.

I have many fond memories of welcoming the New Year’s morning with Ritz Pick-Me-Ups; not so many memories of the following New Year’s afternoons.

It’s sad to see the neighborhood bar go, but it is following in many Venetian neighbors’ footsteps who could no longer afford to stay as our Gayborhood disappeared into Silicon Beach.

Even Ken and I are now living in Seattle, Black & Red Party hosts waving goodbye from afar.

Scott Hutton
Seattle, Washington

Location, Location, Location

Re: “Homeless Strategy Misses the Mark,” Opinion, May 5

Thank you for printing Mark Ryavec’s critical assessment of Councilman Bonin’s inappropriate policy proposals.

I agree that society needs to provide shelter for those who can’t afford their own, but I see no reason why the homeless have to be housed in those areas most sought after by those paying for housing the homeless — us taxpayers.

Furthermore, too many politicians are failing the homeless by seeking to provide primarily what they think the homeless need rather than what the homeless really want. The resulting waste of resources precludes helping a greater number of the homeless.

Michael Ernstoff
Mar Vista

A Loss of Peace and Freedom

Re: Councilman Mike Bonin’s plans to address homelessness, various articles

Transitional housing for 90 people to “solve” the 1,100-person homeless population in Venice does not even touch the crisis. Councilman Bonin’s plan is shortsighted and insufficient, just like the mayor’s claim that he’d declare a Homelessness State of Emergency.

Bottom dollar is that we Venetians can no longer take a stroll along the water’s edge at night, don’t take our grandchildren to this beach and avoid Ocean Front Walk during the day. We have lost our freedom to enjoy our town.

This situation results from the failure of a string of do-nothing politicians.

John McManamy

A Legacy of Compassion

Re: “Great! Great! Great! A Celebration of Life,” News, April 21

Councilman Mike Bonin’s action to help the homeless is the ultimate in tributes to Bill Rosendahl. No words can top his effort. Now Bill is resting in peace. His work is continuing through another humanitarian. Mike Bonin gives hope for Los Angeles’ future.

Jeanne Parker