CLARIFICATION: Last week’s story “More Money for Beaches and Wetlands” should have made it clearer that the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission is a state agency that’s legally distinct from The Bay Foundation, a local nonprofit.

Save Panini Grill

Corporate greed is yet again forcing a beloved local restaurant to close up shop for good. This time it’s Panini Grill in Marina del Rey.

Not only are several employees losing their job, the saddest part is that many of their loyal customers are senior citizens (many coming in with a cane or walker) who are now wondering where else they can go in the future.

The Panini Grill is one of the last safe and easily accessible places around here that hasn’t been consumed by the push to make restaurants hip, way too expensive and simply lacking the local feel that many of us have become accustomed to.

The story I hear is that Panini Grill is being asked for way too much rent and their property managers would apparently rather see the space vacant than renew under the same terms. It’s worth noting that several units around Panini Grill sat unoccupied for what seemed like years.

Please note that the owner of Panini Grill has absolutely no idea yet that people have started to protest on his behalf. But I think it is unacceptable that property owners would be more concerned about maximizing profits than the many existing restaurant customers who are essentially already helping to line their fat pockets.

Panini Grill could close as early as June 27.

This is outrageous, and we’ve already started a petition.

We are also contemplating a peaceful protest in front of Pavilions to make our voices heard.

Enough is enough!

Ewald Stoffler

Editor’s Note: Find a digital petition to save Panini Grill at

Where Blame is Due

Re: “Public Enemy No. 1: The AR-15,” Editorial, June 16

Everything you wrote in your editorial on restricting sales of the AR-15 assault rifle is accurate, morally right, and supported by an overwhelming majority of U.S. voters from both major parties.

What you left out is that Republican voters have installed 236 congressional representatives who take campaign contributions from the NRA, a gun manufacturers’ lobbying organization, while Democrat voters have installed only 25 representatives who have accepted NRA contributions.

Place blame where blame is due.

David Kay
Playa Vista