Bikes Must Yield at Oxford Basin

Please see page 6 for a news story about the renovation of Oxford Basin Lagoon.

The remodeled Oxford Basin, commonly called the Duck Pond, is looking good.

However, bicycle riders pose a threat to those who walk around the lagoon.

Riders already have an indicated trail to use, but they also use the pedestrian paths as their own as well as sidewalks that are off-limits to bikes, according to Los Angeles County code (Sec.15.76.080) for unincorporated areas such as Marina del Rey.

Better signage is needed to prevent potential pedestrian injuries.

Andrea Daroca
Marina del Rey

Please, Not Another Chain

Re: “Save Panini Grill,” Letters, June 23

The Panini Grill is a wonderful café where families are welcome, the portions are large and you can have a real conversation without shouting over loud music. I am horrified that it will be forced out — please not for a chain store.

Linda Lucks

Something’s Very, Very Wrong Here

I see bodies lying on sidewalks, crumpled up on bus benches, hidden in alleys bundled in filthy blankets, piles of junk surrounding them. These are homeless people in America — America the Beautiful. Why? How?

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors declared this a “Statewide Humanitarian Crisis.”

The 2016 Homeless Count found there are 47,000 homeless people in L.A. County on any given night —forty-seven thousand!

I’ve traveled the world and have NEVER seen the amount of homeless people I regularly see in Marina del Rey — wealthy Silicon Beach!

What can I do? What can WE do?

Bettina Gantsweg
Marina del Rey

A Time for Action

I am writing to express my support for L.A. City Councilman Mike Bonin’s proposals to do something about our citywide issue of homelessness. My wife and I believe he is taking positive steps to fight this terrible blight. We are 100% behind him, as are most of our neighbors and friends.

Thomas Paris and Lauren Smith


Re: “City Targets Airbnb-Style Hotels in Venice,” News, June 23

Venice Beach Suites & Hotel was originally built in 1912 as a hotel / apartments to serve the many visitors to Venice of America and remains as a hotel / apartments today. We deny any wrongdoing.

Andy Layman
Owner, Venice Beach Suites & Hotel