An Investment in Our Community

Re: “A Door Opens in Del Rey,” News, June 30

The Gateway Apartments are a vital step in solving our homeless issue. I live right on Glencoe Avenue near Beach Avenue, and of course there was a lot of initial trepidation by the surrounding neighbors, including me. But there is an on-site manager who can help with problems in the neighborhood.

We all need to understand that the building is well-run and that although the upfront investment seems daunting, it is funded by a variety of public and private sources and the long-term savings to our emergency systems will far outweigh the initial costs.

Keith Everett

Del Rey Neighborhood Council Area A Director

A Blind Eye to Marina del Rey

“Where ‘Remodel’ Means ‘Rebuild,’” News, July 7

I am pleased that the California Coastal Commission has awakened. This problem does need to be addressed.

But I do not forgive them for turning a blind eye to the Marina del Rey buildout. Seems to me the marina is truly coastal.

What the heck are they thinking?

Nothing, I guess.

Stu Simon, Marina del Rey

Don’t Let City Hall Demolish Venice

“Where ‘Remodel’ Means ‘Rebuild,’” News, July 7

I’ve heard it argued that the real estate feeding frenzy in Venice is a boon for those who sell, so why are so many noses out of joint?

Collins’ story is one example: Money won’t replace the century-old community that’s being ripped apart around the very families that built Venice.

The city has tortured the English language to help the decimation along. For instance, an “addition” next door to my house actually left nothing of the existing house but four studs on a 4½-foot chance of concrete. Too bad we’re outside the Coastal Zone, so we don’t get Coastal Act protections. The abuses have even been worse in Oakwood, which is supposed to have those protections. I’m glad to see the Coastal Commission finally stepping up and calling the city on its pretend-to-do-real-planning practices. I’m really glad to see the residents standing up for their community and moving their lawsuit forward. And I’m particularly glad to see The Argonaut covering it.

David Ewing, Venice

Keep the Good Advice Coming!

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy Amy Alkon’s “The Advice Goddess” column.

She gives good advice in an irreverent and entertaining way, mixing knowledge and common sense with expert quotations and makes the whole thing very informative and a good read.

Bravo for having her write for your paper!

Sharon Rifelli, Marina del Rey