Advice for Confronting Coyotes Lacks Bite

Re: “Coyotes Run Wild in Playa and Westchester,” News, July 28

The Argonaut’s report on the neighborhood meeting about the surge in coyote encroachment around Playa and Westchester was interesting and, at the same time, frustrating.

L.A. County Wildlife Services Officer Hoang Dinh said, “My goal is to keep the wildlife afraid of us and out of sight.” But his plan to do so is based on the same suggestions we always hear, ones that are apparently becoming ineffective.

A goal without a good plan is merely a dream.

He opposes trapping because the animals would be euthanized and relocation is not an option. Instead, we get the same old diatribe.

He recommends leashing pets, but the L.A. County Animal Care and Control website clearly states, “Even dogs on leashes have been attacked when they got too close to a family of coyotes.”

He recommends shouting or using air horns despite Playa del Rey resident Leonora Smith stating, “I started screaming and telling it to go away, but it kept lunging at me.” She was eventually bitten.

He recommends throwing objects at them. First of all, that assumes someone is capable of throwing. And isn’t there a chance it might make things worse?

He went on to say that social media can often exaggerate the numbers, don’t feed them, blah, blah, blah.

Whatever size the local coyote population may be, apparently rodents are not enough to satisfy them. And the fear of humans “ingrained in their DNA,” according to Dinh, appears moot.

Unfortunately, we must ask ourselves if the time has come to trap and euthanize.

Or, better yet, let’s re-evaluate the laws that prohibit relocation.

Jim Moorhead, Westchester

Another Cheap Shot at Trump

Re: “Ballona Do-Nothings Behave a Lot like Trump,” Letters, July 21

Did you publish that letter from David Kay as a joke?

This is one of the most ridiculous, illogical and irrational letters to an editor that I have ever seen. His conclusions tying Mr. Trump to this issue are absurd. If he knew anything about the mentality of a real estate developer, he would understand that such a person is usually always in favor of improvements and modernization projects.

I cannot speak for Mr. Trump and neither can Mr. Kay. For Mr. Kay to mention the Tea Party, Birthers, and Mr. Trump as scapegoats for extreme environmentalism is a huge leap of logic.

Shame on The Argonaut for not having the sophistication to pass on such a nonsensical letter. This seems to be yet another petty attempt by the media to bash Donald Trump in any way possible. Let’s see if you have the guts to publish this letter.

Sandra E. Clark,
Marina del Rey

Shut Down the Homeless Paradise

Where would you like to be if you were homeless? Somewhere warm and where “they” harass you least?

Welcome to SoCal, especially L.A., a city specializing in benign neglect of most urban problems.

“Our” homeless come here from all over this nation. I vote for federally funded NIMBY cities, because this is now a problem too large for one city or state to pay for or solve.

J. Andrews, Venice

A Free-for-All is All Wrong

Local homeless policy has been suicidally wrongheaded for years.

Southern California’s mild winters have attracted migrants from all over the U.S., including the homeless. This is economically unsustainable — community budgets are already heavily challenged and cannot support significant further homeless migration.

Before any further investment in homeless amenities is approved, a system needs to be in place to ensure that support systems do not become magnets attracting more homeless from outside the local community. Possible policy elements might include evidence of prior community residence, waiting periods, etc.

David Sternlight, Marina del Rey