We Need Rent Control in the Marina

Re: “Cash for Keys,” Cover Story, July 28

After reading your article about payouts to Santa Monica tenants when landlords want them to move out in order to renovate and raise rents, it struck me that Marina del Rey and other unincorporated areas in Los Angeles County have no such rent control protections for tenants.

Since many buildings in Marina del Rey were built in the 1960s, Los Angeles County is requiring landlords to renovate and raise rents accordingly. But when tenants are evicted for upgrades here, no real relocation assistance is due to the tenants.

Longtime residents who have been loyal renters for decades are being pushed out of the marina, and the county gives them no consideration.

I feel abandoned by our local government. There should have been provisions in place for this situation long before all these eviction notices started showing up in Marina del Rey.

Joanne Feldman
Marina del Rey

Not Meant to Be

Re: “The Party’s Over at Neptune Marina,” Cover Story, Aug. 25

I was very sad to read of the demise of Neptune Marina. I had friends who lived there for many years, and I always had a thought in the back of my mind that someday I’d have an apartment and a boat there too. It’s the way of the world,  I guess.

Rusty Austin, Los Angeles

Parents Behaving Badly

To the parents of Wright Middle School, Cowan Elementary, Kentwood Elementary, Westport Heights Elementary, and other schools in the area:

A great way to set a positive example for your kids is to obey society’s rules. While dropping off or picking up your kids at school, don’t stop or park in the red zones, in front of private driveways or on top of crosswalks. It’s a violation of the law.

If there are no spaces, park on the next block. By having kids walk a bit, it would also be a positive step toward reducing childhood obesity

Your kids will follow your example, but if that’s not enough incentive, the price of convenience is a $93 parking ticket.

André Belotto, Westchester