Traffic/Pedestrian Etiquette Needed

While dropping off some materials at the Montana Branch library, I heard honking and a pedestrian challenging the honking driver with “Can I walk in the crosswalk?” I turned around and saw the pedestrian was a man alongside a woman and baby stroller crossing south from the northwest corner of 17th Street and Montana Avenue, which has a traffic signal.

The honking driver had gone north up 17th and was now trying to turn west on Montana. The walkers had time left on that digital countdown, so it seemed like they had the right-of-way — although judging by how quickly the light turned to red, and how anxious the car waiting to turn left over the crosswalk was, they might have stepped off the curb with just a few seconds on that digital countdown display.

The driver responded to the guy challenging her by yelling, “YOU need to watch out for US,” then she swerved in a huff across the crosswalk.

The driver’s frustration made me think that this is an ongoing tension. I also once made a driver mad while I was walking across Montana Avenue. I was crossing in a crosswalk at a corner that did not have a light. I had my eye on one of the approaching vehicles and started to cross because I saw a gap in traffic. But one car wasn’t slowing down.

When he finally stopped it was right in front of the crosswalk. He made a face that I understood was meant to show how clueless I was being, and then he pantomimed me walking with abandon across the street by walking his fingers across the dashboard and bobbing his head back-and-forth.

When I got to the curb, one woman was laughing and said “You were in a crosswalk!” Another person shook their head like the man was in the wrong.

I do see pedestrians being inconsiderate sometimes — maybe walking slowly or texting while they’re crossing, but I was trying to be considerate by waiting for a gap and walking quickly.

Maybe we could all use a reminder about not only the laws governing crosswalks, but also the etiquette at them too. With alternatives to cars being promoted more all the time, these kinds of interactions are bound to be more frequent.

Vanessa Finney
Santa Monica


Re: “Venice BID Goes to a Vote,” News, Aug. 18

This doesn’t “widen the gap between the haves and the have nots.” Technically, it reduces it by requiring certain business owners — the haves — to pay additional fees for services that should already be paid for by their outrageously high taxes. Unfortunately, the city doesn’t have the appetite or nerve to solve the security and cleanliness issues in Venice due to the politics brought forward in this article.


Re: “LAX’s North Runway Will Stay Put,” News, Aug. 25

Having lived in the shadow of LAX my entire life and watched homes in Playa del Rey and Westchester disappear, I also use the airport and recognize the need for modernization. I say congratulations to both sides for the wisdom to find common ground and focus on what is most important.

Bradley Zacuto

 Re: “A Ghost Town Full of Life,” Community Bulletin, Aug. 25

I saw the play on the first night and so enjoyed it! It was fun, informative and thought-provoking, and I hope that Cornerstone Theater Company will return next year. Thanks to Sue Kaplan for her part in bringing them here.

Eileen Pollack Erickson

Thank you Regan, I missed the live performances, and am glad to hear a recording will be available at the library.

Jan Ferguson

Re: Fall Arts Preview Event Listings, Sept. 1

Thanks for this exhaustive list — with meaningful descriptions —of what’s going on in our community! I made about 15 calendar entries.

Deborah Rothman

Re: “Keeping Time for an L.A. Tradition,” Fall Arts Preview, Sept. 1

This is an awesome festival every year, but this year’s Angel City Jazz Fest lineup is over the top. The Ford date is ridiculous, and every single one of the other shows hits the mark as well. Looking forward to it!


Re: “Beautiful, Meaningful Messes,” Fall Arts Preview, Sept. 1

Nice write up on Kyla Hansen. I’ve not climbed Rib Mountain, but it’s nearby so I might.

Bruce Crownover

Madison, Wisc.

Re: “A Sequel Better than the Original,” Food & Drink, Sept. 8

The new Status Kuo is really good! Huge improvement!

Carolyn Honda