A Bad Deal for Law and Order

Re: “The Argonaut’s Election Endorsements: Federal Offices and State Ballot Propositions,” Oct. 13

How blindly naive can your paper be to support Prop 57? Crime is on the rise throughout the state as a result of the passage of Prop 47 two years ago, as was predicted before the 2014 election.

And now law enforcement and local government officials, including L.A. County Sheriff Jim McDonnell, the Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs, the League of California Cities, the South Bay Council of Governments and countless other California cities, have all come out against the dangerous risks of releasing criminals as promised by Prop 57.

Some in law enforcement have described it as Prop 47 on steroids. It is a simple gimmick by the governor to add money to the state budget at the expense of public safety and law-abiding residents across the state. Do your homework and realize the correct vote is No on Prop 57.

Frank Flores
Manhattan Beach

Media Silence Hurts Nature

As a local resident who cares deeply about the welfare of the Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve, I am very frustrated by the recent sharp decline in media coverage of the wetlands — specifically when it comes to the long-awaited draft environmental impact report for the restoration project.

Lack of coverage by local media outlets is bad news for wildlife and for our communities because it creates a false impression that the public is losing interest in this valuable natural resource. Strong news coverage of any issue leads to improved processes and policies, and the Ballona Wetlands ecosystem is too important to be lost in the news cycle.

Please stop neglecting our last remaining wetlands and give it the coverage it deserves!

Kathleen Jacecko
Redondo Beach

No Coverage = No Progress

It is important that local papers continue to report on the progress of the Ballona Wetlands Restoration Project, including the recent delay until mid-2017. Without the attention of local media and elected officials, this decades-long pattern of delays and cost overruns at Ballona is unlikely to change.

In the last few years, a CEQA firm on the project was terminated (but still paid) for inadequate work product, a Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission staff member was released from the project for “lack of progress,” and the commission was replaced by its private alter-ego, the Santa Monica Bay Restoration Foundation, as a project partner.

These are among the many unreported facts that your readers deserve to hear about regarding this important public project, so that the public can help address past issues to help avoid future delays.

Jamie Zazow
Santa Monica

Do the Right Thing

Re: “Homeless Plan Faces Pushback,” News, Sept. 22

I am writing in support of Councilman Mike Bonin’s plan to end homelessness in Venice.

All actions toward the preservation of existing and the creation of new affordable housing, including temporary emergency shelters, are of utmost importance in the community as the number of homeless individuals continues to increase.

Additionally, I support the strategies of safe street parking for individuals who live in their vehicles, as well as the plans to provide easier access to bathrooms and showers for our homeless neighbors. While housing is obviously the most important long term goal, the various street strategies will quickly improve the current quality of life of those in Venice.

Most importantly, Councilmember Bonin’s plan reflects the truth that homelessness is not a crime. We need to make sure our most vulnerable members of society know that the city is working to help them. These actions will lead to a better quality of life for all Venice residents.

Clancey Cornell, Venice


Re: “The Argonaut’s Election Endorsements: Federal Offices and State Ballot Propositions,” Oct. 13

Thank you for your thoughtful and concise recommendations. I tried reading the Official Voter Information Guide, but I gave up. This was a big help.


It seems to me that media has a responsibility to lay down facts, not opinion, and remain objective (neutral) when it comes to elections. I don’t think it is professionally appropriate for the media — print, radio, TV — or debate moderators to be so biased for Hillary. It is your job to present facts and let readers make their own decisions!


That wasn’t bias. It was fact. The Argonaut is giving recommendations. That’s what newspapers do. You are free to vote however you wish. However, keep in mind that if you are voting for Trump, the election is on Nov. 28.


Thank you for your concise information. I did not find it biased at all; just noteworthy and factual.                    Cherry