‘Bah, Humbug’ on Nativity ruling

The United States District Court has upheld the right of a dedicated group of non-Christians not to look at Nativity scenes along Palisades Park in Santa Monica. The rights of “everyone else” apparently means very little to our federal judiciary.
Santa Monica’s Rent Control Board is bad enough. Now the city is imposing “thought control” or “belief buffering” as well.
Baby Jesus is no longer welcome in Palisades Park. In Jerusalem, Mary and Joseph at least found a stable with a manger, cows lowing and the stars shining. There will be no “Happy Hanukah” either, since one interest does not care if a “big miracle happened there.” I suppose the next step will be to remove the United States Constitution from our schools too.
This ruling is not a win for “freedom of religion,” but a desperate attempt by the “Freedom from Religion Foundation” to impose its irreligious views and irrational legal findings on the rest of Santa Monica, as well as visitors who for more than half a century enjoyed the festive displays during holiday season.
Do they want to ban Christmas trees next? Or perhaps anyone named “Christopher” from the confines of the city limits too? Maybe a group of dedicated Buddhists should protest and demand the dismantling of the Ferris wheel on the Santa Monica Pier, since the carnival ride has an eerie resemblance to their faith’s prayer wheel.
Instead of “Occupy Wall Street,” perhaps a holiday version of “Occupy Lincoln Boulevard” is in order, complete with crèches, Christmas carols, and an outspoken desire to wish peace on Earth and good will to all men. Then again, a coalition called “Freedom from Peace and Good Will” may turn up and file suit.
Bah, Humbug!
Arthur Christopher Schaper

A nod to restaurant owners

Re: “Southern strategy on Abbot Kinney” (Argonaut, Food and Drink, Nov. 21).
Richard Foss wrote a great article on Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, the new restaurant that took over the Lily’s space on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice.
I ate there when they first opened and was really impressed. I was disappointed that he did not acknowledge the owners in his article. Is there a reason for this?
I know Brad Johnson from the many great places he’s done around town and it seems unfair to write a full page article about the place and not acknowledge and give credit to Johnson and his new partner for this new establishment in the article.
Bill Yarbro
Los Angeles