Join the Discussion on Venice Cityhood

The Venice Neighborhood Council’s Ad-Hoc Committee on Venice Cityhood has been diligently meeting and analyzing the essential issues of fiscal sustainability and viability as a free-standing municipality.

The committee has met twice in public forums and will meet again in January of 2017 at the Extra Space Storage on South Venice Boulevard at a date to be determined.

At our first meeting the committee heard a presentation by Paul A. Novak, executive officer of the Local Agency Formation Commission of Los Angeles County, who explained in great detail the process and winding road of cityhood. For a copy of his report, please visit our cityhood committee page at For more information about the functions of LAFCO, visit

For Venice to become a free-standing municipality, it would need to endure a fiscal “stress test” as required by LAFCO. It seems apparent Venice has the financial wherewithal to sustain such a financial review.

I want to thank our committee members James Murez, Neil Bethke, Tristan Robinson, Maury Ruano, Gail Rogers, S. Scott Mayers and Yolanda Gonzalez for their passion and professionalism in offering Venice residents a timely and factual-based assessment of cityhood for all to review and analyze.

My goal as chairman is to report back to the Venice Neighborhood Council by the summer of 2017 with an evaluation of our findings, insights and recommendations. If you would like to learn more about Venice Cityhood, please contact me at

Effective and responsible local governance that is accountable to the residents is our only goal and intention.

Nick Antonicello
Chair, Ad-Hoc Committee on Venice Cityhood


Re: “History Worth Repeating: Exhibit Recounts the Auspicious Beginnings of the West Los Angeles VA,” News, Nov. 17

“… People at home growing victory gardens and taking their ration books to the store. Everyone was doing their part; it was the popular thing to do.” It was the ONLY thing to do. We were one country then. By the early 1960s the VA was a sad reminder of its former days. As a UCLA student, I took the No. 3 Blue Bus, out Montana and through the VA. Every day coming back home, there were old guys who got on the bus at the VA and got off at the first stop — right across the street on San Vicente, where there was a bar. That was their life. Very depressing to watch.


Re: “Dignity on Wheels: Mobile Showers for the Homeless Debut in Venice,” News, Nov. 17

I think some dignity in keeping clean would help people a lot towards getting on their feet again and getting more help to get off the streets.

Sunny Bak