Playa del Rey Natural Gas Facility Needs Upgrades

Southern California Gas Company has appeared twice before the Manhattan Beach City Council and both times failed to address a serious problem that threatens the health and safety of beach cities residents. Their deteriorating Playa del Rey natural gas storage facility contains 2.6 billion cubic feet of pressurized toxic natural gas stored in 54 wells that date back to 1934. Only nine of the 54 wells have subsurface safety valves.

Should one or more of the wells have a failure and a serious leak occurs, the impact could be comparable to the toxic/carcinogenic methane gas leak at the company’s similar Aliso Canyon storage facility that forced Porter Ranch area residents from their homes.

The facility has been beset by gas leaks and mechanical failures, causing state regulators to conduct over three dozen inspections this year. Some of the wells at the facility “failed to demonstrate mechanical integrity” during an inspection, according to a state report by the California Department of Conservation (Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermic Resources). They are concerned about the deteriorating condition of wells that are older than the ones at Aliso Canyon.

Underground gas stores can also move through cracks in the earth (especially during seismic activity), where they escape into the air or collect under a structure and become an explosive hazard.

Please contact the California Department of Conservation ( and demand that the facility be urgently repaired or shut down. Also, contact your state and federal elected representatives.

Wayne Powell

Manhattan Beach City Councilmember
Los Angeles County Beach Commissioner

I’m Why the Polls were Wrong

Perhaps one reason why pollsters were wrong about the recent election results is their dependence on exit polls.

With somewhere between 20% and 25% of the American public now voting by mail (likely an older and more conservative electorate), any exit polling is going to be skewed towards these younger and more liberal voters.

I’m a senior and conservative Republican businessman who has been quietly voting by mail for over a decade, and more established voters like me are impossible to reach by exit pollsters at any voting precinct.

Roy Reel
Culver City


Re: “LAUSD Eyes New Middle School in Westchester,” News,  Nov. 23

Don’t forget about the Incubator School,  a small middle school that is also on the Westchester High campus. Incubator has grades 6 to 9
and focuses on technology and entrepreneurship.

John Derevlany