Actually, The Polls Got One Thing Right
Re: “I’m Why The Polls Were Wrong,” Letters, Dec. 1
Perhaps the conservative senior businessman who wrote this letter would be willing to acknowledge that the pollsters who predicted Hillary would win the popular vote by, say, 2% were in fact quite correct. Granted, those that predicted a Trump loss in the electoral college nationally or in specific ‘blue wall’ states were dead wrong. I am a senior and ultra-liberal lawyer.
David Kuchenbecker
Marina del Rey

Keep Venice Weird!
Re: “A Rose Even Sweeter: Change has been good for the Rose Café,” Food & Drink, Nov. 17
I don’t know how to politely say this, but maybe restaurant critic Richard Foss should stick to Manhattan Beach, where he can watch “beautiful people buying beautiful things.”
I happen to know and respect many of the “weird artists” who used to show their work at the old Rose Café. In case he doesn’t realize it, those “weird artists” were the ones who made Venice Venice.
If he’s foolish enough to pay 100 bucks for breakfast that’s his business, but some of the people who actually live here don’t appreciate those ridiculous prices or his condescending tone.
Emily Van Horn

A Rude Awakening in Santa Monica
On Thanksgiving Day at 9:30 a.m., tree-trimmers arrived at our complex and began their yearly work of cutting back two unruly ficus. Much yelling and cursing by two neighbors ensued and ended with the police being called out — not once but twice — to control the situation.
One neighbor slung racial slurs at the workers, including “How about I show up with five gringo friends to your place on Thanksgiving?” and threatened to “Go get his .38” and threw a couple of empty five-gallon water bottles at these poor guys (on ladders!) just trying to do their job.
A guest of this neighbor went so far as to tell the police that the workers were probably illegals and should have “their papers checked.” Really? For shame, people!
Many other neighbors and the police came to the aide of the workers, which is the right thing to do. The angry neighbors have lived in this multicultural community for many years but still appear to be hanging on dearly to hateful views. As neighbors and citizens, we should not tolerate this type of behavior.
Leslie Davidson
Santa Monica

Re: “Dignity on Wheels: Mobile Showers for the Homeless Debut in Venice,” News, Nov. 17 Businesses in the community should chip in and sponsor a trailer for each day of the week, not just one. Hats off to this idea. I know what my shower means to me each day.
Maureen Cotter