Desperate for Solutions

I am a longtime resident of Venice. The homeless population is growing day by day. When I walk to the grocery store I see men masturbating and screaming, drug dealing, tents, people living on the sidewalk and off-leash dogs.

When did it become OK to set up a tent wherever you want to? Where are the rights of the taxpayers?

Using the Metro land at Main Street and Sunset Avenue to build about 20 units of housing for the homeless is not going to solve the problem. Using that land to build housing for the teachers in the area would serve our community better.

Using the dog park on Westminster Avenue as a storage facility for possessions of the homeless is a bad idea. We are enabling them. In addition, it is across from an elementary school. Using Penmar Park as additional storage space would be even worse. The park is used for baseball, soccer and tennis, and there is a playground. These are not the best solutions.

There is open land near LAX that could be put to use. It could be set up as a campsite with portable showers, toilets and trash bins. Recreation and parks could maintain the area.

As a taxpayer, when I call the police they do not show up but they are constantly being used to deal with the homeless. The same can be said of our fire department.

Hopefully we can find an amicable solution.

Maria Coray


Re: “Helping Hands: A homemaker’s unlikely friendship with a homeless man inspires hope for a better tomorrow,” Cover Story, Nov. 23

A very touching and inspiring story! If every one of us took the time to make a difference in someone’s life, it would make the world a better place to live in. Very proud of you Ms. Nathalie Boutin!

Rama V.

What a lovely story of hope and compassion. Ms. Boutin shows how one person moving past fear of the unknown can make a difference.

Linda Lucks

This is a great example of how we can make a difference right here at home. Nathalie Boutin has a huge heart, and her kindness in not choosing to drive by Wally and instead stopping to hear his story teaches us how we can all take a moment to help others. Her generosity is inspiring and what a great lesson for her children, too. This is a wonderful story.


Re: “Better Late Than Never: County leaders look to create more affordable housing in Marina del Rey,” News, Dec. 8

I lived in the marina for 15 years and then in Playa del Rey. I have always considered it home. Now I can’t afford anything but a room in Baldwin Vista. It’s sad. I want to know how to get on an affordable housing wait list. I’m an independent 66 year old working part time on top of Social Security just to survive. I’d like to stay where I call home.

Carol Rosenbaum

Re: “Venice BID Wins Again: Despite losing the popular vote, supporters emerge victorious in do-over election,” News, Nov. 17

This is sobering news, with a number of disturbing comparisons to our country’s crazy election (whose voter suppression gambit appears to have been the deciding electoral vote factor).

That the city failed to verify the full complement of petition signatures is unsurprising, as City Council approval was an obvious foregone conclusion at the Election Day meeting — whose agenda was brimming with a cauldron of high-profile issues on a day when de facto suppression of public comment was assured by virtue of the presidential election’s effect on workers’ time off.

Since gerrymandering city property into the BID area caused the weight of the city’s vote to enable the BID to pass, it stands to reason that the public receives weighted oversight over BID management. The public looks forward to exercising its influence on the BID’s expenditure of our tax dollars.

Jed Pauker

Re: “Tragedy Strikes Twice & No Power to the People,” Notes from the News Desk, Dec. 8

As one of those stranded on the 90 Freeway that Monday afternoon, I wish to thank the Fire Department and the Highway Patrol for their excellent handling of removing the cars from the freeway. They were able to cut the two-hour delay estimate to  just over an hour. Bravo!

Mad Voter

Re: “Enterprising Teen Rallies Support for Safer Bike Routes in Del Rey and Playa Vista,” Community Bulletin, Dec. 1

Might there be a way to engage the companies south of the creek whose employees’ bike commutes would be safer with a bridge? I work at one of them, in The Reserve next to Home Depot, and would love to bike to work without crossing the creek at Lincoln Boulevard or Centinela Avenue.

Phil Glist