Offended by Lawbreaking and Labels, Not by Diversity

Re: “Children in Del Rey’s Deep-Rooted Immigrant Community Brace for a Coming Storm,” Cover Story, Dec. 22

My response to the Dec. 22 cover page showing a young Hispanic girl holding a sign saying, “Are you offended by us?”:

No, I am not offended by people from a different country, culture, religion or skin color coming to America. Diversity with assimilation has enriched our country.

What I am offended by, though, is anyone who overstays their visa or comes into our country without permission. I am also offended by those who label people like me “xenophobic” because we want our immigration laws enforced — laws your parents knew about before they came.

Carol Sa, Venice


Re: “Desperate for Solutions,” Letters, Dec. 15

There is a huge community of concerned homeowners and renters who reside in the area of LAX, called Westchester, who are already very concerned with the influx of homeless population in many parts of the community. Just as the Venice community is looking for solutions, Westchester is also a community searching for solutions, and is not in a position to accept homeless from other communities.


Re: “A Clog in the Pipe-line: Parents support a new LAUSD science and tech program in Westchester — unless local kids get shut out,” News, Dec. 7

As a proud LMU doctoral alumna, I find it disheartening that the LMU School of Education — with its stated focus on social justice and care for the marginalized — supports such a plan. Surely STEM is key, but for whom? An already advantaged socioeconomic group? I can’t see the SOE faculty, who truly value the education and development of all children, supporting this. Perhaps Dean Shane Martin would go on the record with his rationale for advocating this plan, and explain how it aligns to the Marymount and Jesuit traditions LMU was founded on?

LMU EdD grad

Re: “Mar Vista’s Christmas House: Each December, David and Carol Gusman bring Santa to hundreds of local kids,” Arts & Events, Dec. 15

God bless you for making people happy.

Carol Sierras

These two are the best. A very giving and loving couple.


Re: “Bonin Holds the Line on Playa del Rey Height Restrictions,” News, Dec. 22

Mike, thank you for representing our community. You are right that 37 feet is the height limit for our area. I was an alternate for the masterplan in the 1980s, and that is what was written in the plan then.

Carol Kapp

Re: “Rolling With the Punches: Soulful rock ’n’ roller Paul Chesne plays two very different gigs as he plots his next act,” Arts & Events, Dec. 22

Paul Chesne is one of the smartest, most-skilled songwriters out there with a sharply sardonic wit. He’s also a fantastic entertainer with a
great band. Thank you for this great piece on one of my favorite artists.

Alison Freebairn-Smith