Women’s March Was a Waste

Re: “#HearOurVoices: Women’s March Los Angeles organizers want to ignite a new wave
of civil rights activism,” Cover Story, Jan. 19

These women’s marches against Donald Trump are a total waste of time, as they will change nothing.

President Donald Trump will not listen to what they have to say and probably does not care.

Why should he? Millions of women voted for Trump and that helped put him in the White House.

All the shouting and the marches that are really protests will be heard only by the protesters themselves. No one else is listening.

George Vreeland Hill
Beverly Hills

Wake, Resist, Repeat

Re: “#HearOurVoices,” Cover Story, Jan. 19

Terrific timing with the front page story on Women’s March Los Angeles local organizers Emiliana Guereca and Deena Katz. And what a march! Well over three times the size anyone expected.

This hugely successful gathering was just the spark needed to ignite the activism needed to confront the times: cutbacks to health care, impositions on women’s rights and the president himself. And like clockwork,
the movement for impeachment has begun.

One sign I read at the march: 1) Wake up, 2) Coffee, 3) Resist, 4) Resist, 5) Resist, 6) Repeat.

So, let’s wake up!

Andy K. Liberman
Santa Monica

Alternative Facts = Lies

No argument is too petty for little Donald when it comes to assertions about size. While photographic evidence confirms the crowd that witnessed his inauguration was half the size that celebrated President Obama’s inauguration, Trump chose to claim the opposite and make a fuss about “media bias.” His official representative, Kellyanne Conway, went even further, saying Trump’s claim is based on “alternative facts.”

This is not the first time the blowhard candidate and then president-elect made claims based on verifiable untruths. Let’s call “alternative facts” what they are; they are lies.

Now, as president of the United States, Trump’s prevarications pose a direct threat to our free society, which depends on engaged citizens informed by true facts. Government officials calling their lies “alternative facts” endangers the very foundation of our democracy.

Patriotic appreciation to news reporters who check the facts and point out the lies.

Bruce Joffe
Piedmont, Calif.


Re: Immigration Letters, Jan. 11

Whoa! No idea there was so much hate on the Westside. I’ve only been here 30 years. Maybe you had to be born to it?

Karen L