Bullying and Hypocrisy on the Left

Re: “Westside Congress Members Boycott Trump’s Inauguration,” News, Jan. 19

An open letter to Congresspersons Lieu, Bass and Waters:

What, you only represent Democrats?  Your decision to stay in your rooms rather than attend President Trump’s inauguration was a violation of your oath of office and an insult to those of us who supported his candidacy. Further, it portends your willful intent to obstruct the furtherance of the goals that he enunciated during his campaign and were supported by the voters on Nov. 8.

Trump’s speech included the admonition that “we must speak our minds openly, debate our disagreements honestly, but always pursue solidarity. When America is united, America is totally unstoppable.”

The ease by which you can enjoy reelection in a safe haven of a Democrat-heavy congressional district is no excuse to ignore the rest of us who pay your salary. It’s no excuse to not do the work of governing, by arguing your case and making your vote in the Congress. And it’s no excuse to be uncivil.

In January 2009, in his first meeting with Republican leadership on the subject of health care, President Obama listened to the opposition ideas and responded: “We had an election. I won, so we’ll do it
my way.” That approach cost you the House in 2010, the Senate in 2014, and now the White House.  Your party seems to learn rather slowly.

As Joseph Welch famously said to Sen. McCarthy in June 1954: “Have you left no sense of decency?”

I ask you that same question.

Tom Zimmerman
Marina del Rey


Re: “Women’s March was a Waste,” Letters, Jan. 26

The Women’s Marchers did not expect to change Trump’s mind any more than the Tea Partiers expected to change Obama’s. We were demanding that our congressional and local representatives hear and act on our concerns.

Many of us left the march with a renewed determination to actively participate in our great democracy by supporting the Fourth Estate with subscriptions, contributing to organizations such as the ACLU that speak up for our constitutional rights, and volunteering in our local communities.

Neither I nor my husband nor our many friends and neighbors who marched felt that our time was wasted. On the contrary, it was an uplifting and joyful day. How can that be a waste?

Bonnie Barrett

Re: “Predictions: 2017 What the Future Holds,” Feature Story, Jan. 19

Basically clickbait. These aren’t predictions. These are agendas.

Kelly Hoerner

Re: “Seek Refuge from Sanctuary Cities,” Letters, Jan. 19

People like Roy Reel complain about “spineless elected officials” who “have refused to follow the laws” of our country regarding illegal immigration.” Every public discussion of illegal immigration includes demands similar to letter writer Dotseth’s (Letters, Jan. 12)  to enforce the laws against the (dark-skinned, low-income) illegal immigrants, but almost NEVER any demand to enforce the laws against the (white, high-income) people who HIRE illegal immigrants.

When has any politician ever admitted publicly that very few people will come to the U.S. illegally if they can’t find jobs here? This illustrates how much the people who want an ample supply of low-paid, easily-intimidated labor control what’s an allowable topic of political discourse, and how most of the public never questions their motivations or tactics of demonizing the people who are the lesser cause of the problem.

Tom O

Re: “Venice High School’s $111-Million Makeover,” News, Dec. 15

Where’s the state of the art Aquatic Center in this plan? Venice High School has a great swim team, dive team and water polo team. Most students go on to becoming locker attendants and lifeguards for the city. Some even become beach guards! For many, it’s their first job.

The Venice pool offers students a safe place to hang out, learn how to swim, be a part of a team. If there’s any place on that campus that could use a multimillion-dollar face lift, the Venice pool would be the place.
Shannon O’Brien

Indeed, where’s the pool? I loved going to school there, but wouldn’t have if there was no swim team. How very, very disappointing.
Lauren Dale

Pool not included? That is horrible!
Carol Maher