Racism Disguised as Patriotism

Re: The New Resistance,” Cover Story, Feb. 2

I agree with Congressman Ted Lieu. We must not give Donald Trump a chance to further violate our constitutional rights while undermining our domestic and international security.

This is why I was compelled to stand with hundreds of “immigrant protectors” outside Tom Bradley International Terminal that Saturday night and to return the next day to join the growing thousands protesting outside the terminal, some of them later sitting in at LAX in front of the forever-closed door of the customs information office.

Live blogging and videotaping on Twitter (@MarcyWinograd or Marcy Winograd on Vimeo) was enormously inspiring as I read responses from India, from England, from around the world: “We’re with you. Thank you.” I encourage those of you reading my comments to do what you can — speak out, show up — to reject nativism, which is racism disguised as patriotism, and to fight to preserve our democratic ideals and institutions.

Marcy Winograd, Santa Monica

A-OK with #CalExit

California is considering secession from the United States. Good! Take New York with you.

David Long, Santa Monica


Re: “City Error Could Park Homeless in Playa Vista,” News, Feb. 2

Why is this program being rolled out at all? There are no facilities for people to use when they live in their cars. Do the streets become littered with trash and human waste? Parking broken down RVs along the Ballona Wetlands sounds like a really good idea to me. Seems like Playa Vista will get special attention from Mike Bonin, but what about the rest of us?

I’m not sure why the yellow would give us an extra layer of protection that we don’t currently have. Police want to stay as far away from the homeless as possible, so good luck having anything enforced — they can’t even answer the phone for non-emergencies.

If you look at the map, you will see that we are surrounded by independent cities and the county (Marina del Rey); all enforce no overnight parking. Now that L.A. is making it legal in certain areas, there will be even greater overflow than is currently taking place.

Shouldn’t we be finding solutions to get people off of the streets instead of encouraging it?

And, if the City Council must do this, why isn’t overnight parking being relegated to inland industrial areas? If you want to camp at the beach, get permits or pay for a space at a campground.                        J.F.

Re: Letters to the Editor, Feb. 2

Since when did The Argonaut become a political newspaper? Very disappointed in that — even if the articles were well written and unbiased, and I may be curious to read them.
Just awful.               Vicky Nissen