Be Careful What You Wish For

Re: “A-OK with #CalExit,” Letters, Feb. 9

I’m a little puzzled by David Long’s letter last week: “California is considering secession from the United States. Good! Take New York with you.”

It’s short and angry enough that I thought he must be a Trump supporter. But then I thought, since he lives in Santa Monica, does he not realize that he’d be governed by those evil liberals if California seceded?

Steve St. John
Playa del Rey

L.A. Must Break its Addiction to Dirty Coal Power

Re: “Predictions 2017,” Feature Story, Jan. 19

While discussing what to expect in the year ahead, Congressman Ted Lieu makes a plea for continuing our transition to emission-free power to protect our environment. The most important statement to the heart of the matter is: “We must be tireless in advocating for solutions to combat climate change and challenge any public official who refuses to act.”

However, we have a problem in California’s 33rd Congressional District. The inconvenient truth is that about half of the constituents in CA-33 get their electricity through the burning of coal by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power LADWP burns coal relentlessly — 24 hours a day, year round — at its own power plant.

While electrical utilities across the country are shutting down their coal burning operations, and the three investor-owned utilities in California are now coal-free, this danger to our environment continues unabated and the city of Los Angeles leads in its inaction on preserving our environment.

Yet the burning of coal does not need to happen. According to public information, LADWP’s electrical system has 45 sources of energy. The peak demand for electricity has never exceeded 82% of capacity, and no customers would know if the LADWP’s coal plant was simply shut down.

When demand is low, the LADWP lowers energy production from its cleanest sources, including its recently upgraded combined-cycle natural gas generators. These actions result in maximizing the burning of coal with the resulting emissions of mercury, arsenic, lead, sulfur dioxides, nitrous oxides, soot and other dangerous particulates.

While L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti claims to be an environmentalist, Los Angeles is doing the absolute minimum to comply with the California mandates. In June 2016, the LADWP walked away from a 200mw PV solar purchase agreement and now has made it policy to continue burning coal for another decade. If they thought about our environment for a moment, they would simply close down the coal burning plant today and replace it with an emissions-free renewable energy plant. One PV Solar developer sent out a press release indicating that they were ready build a PV solar plant at the coal burning plant’s location.

Congressman Lieu, Mayor Garcetti and the L.A. City Council need to hear from you that the burning of coal is not acceptable. Will you stand with us and demand today that the LADWP stop burning coal?

William M. Bird

Executive Director, The Campaign for Clean Air

Marina del Rey


Re: “City Error Could Park Homeless in Playa Vista,” News, Feb.2, and “City Cleans Up Homeless Parking Map,” News, Feb. 9

These “nuisances” are human beings who have nowhere else to go and aren’t allowed to put the possibly one thing they have anywhere. Why don’t you just line them up and shoot them? So selfish. How about voting someone in to help the homeless by perhaps starting with mental health care? These people who are problems to your property value are someone’s son, daughter, brother, sister, or loved one who needs help. Take a minute to put yourself in their shoes.

Lila Jo

Councilmember Bonin has repeatedly given free rein to the vehicle dwellers and homeless, even when this creates unsafe, unsanitary and verbal altercations directly adjacent to our children’s schools. … This is such a mess! The solution is at the ballot box on March 7: Mark Ryavec for City Council.


Voting Mark Ryavec, as Bonin obviously does not care about the rest of us.

Mad Voter

So that’s your platform? You want to get votes by running off the homeless people? Why don’t you concentrate on something productive instead of trying to get elected by taking down the little guy?

John Berry

This is a pilot program, and the roll out will be a very slow one. Most of Playa Vista is protected because of restricted parking that is currently in place (two-hour parking). Where there are no restrictions, Mike Bonin is working on posting overnight vehicle parking restrictions for oversized vehicles for Playa Vista’s safety.

Jesús David Orozco

Part of the “green” area OK’d for parking is located in the heart of Playa del Rey, in the little parking area between Gordon’s Market and the Matilla Shopping Center. It is used by everyone patronizing the restaurants and sports bars and shops open in the evening. Really? Protect Playa Vista? How about protecting Playa del Rey? So I now have to go to work in the morning threatened by someone protected under the category of “homeless.” Geez Bonin, this is your solution? I suppose I will be calling 911 daily.

Thomas Corte