‘Compassionate and Comprehensive’
Re: “From Venice with Angst,” News, Feb. 16
We each have a bias for the candidates we’ve chosen to support, and my bias is for Mike Bonin. Objectively, he has a record to be proud of; he’s actually engaged in substantial actions on the issue of homelessness that are compassionate and comprehensive. I knew of him when he was Bill Rosendahl’s chief of staff, and when I’ve needed assistance both Bill’s and Mike’s offices were responsive about problems that my neighborhood in Westchester encountered.

With respect to Mark Ryavec, when it comes to the homeless — with a good heart and good intentions, I’m sure — I think he nonetheless takes extreme measures due to frustrations that unfortunately cloud his judgment, i.e., preferring likely unconstitutional actions that only serve short-term objectives and that would hurt our city in the long term.
I don’t know enough about Robin Rudisill to have an educated opinion about her, but I can presume that she has good intentions and could represent us well.
Thankfully, we seem to have three good candidates — so at least we should be well represented, no matter who gets elected. But with Mike, I’m confident that he’ll remain accessible and open about discussing solutions to our problems.
With Ryavec, I’ve been assured by a friend who supports him that he’s not as extreme when it comes to the homeless even though his actions to date make me believe otherwise; i.e., I’m relatively confident that his hard lines can be softened with reason Besides, that can become irrelevant thanks to judges who will likely continue to be a check and balance to other-wise bad policies in which Los Angeles engages.
With Robin, I generally believe that pretty much any candidate has good intentions and can represent us well. I’ll presume that she’s no different, and I’ll presume that she’ll do a good job.
In closing, I hope that those of you who support either Robin or Mark will consider that with Mike we’re on a path of hard, actual experience, and that he’s objectively represented the majority of us well. That’s why I prefer to have your candidates continue to work their strengths to help Mike’s office better represent all of us (as I believe he already does), not just those of us who are already biased in his favor.
Let’s hope for the best no matter who gets elected.
Bill Myers

Mind the Ruin of Third Street Re: “From Venice with Angst,” News, Feb. 16
I’m voting for Ryavec and I’m proud of Rudisill, but not so proud of Mike Bonin. Pictures speak louder than words sometimes, and the pictures of the trash and pollution overwhelming Third Street are happening on Bonin’s watch. It’s time for Venice to have better representation!
Rick Swinger