Be a Better Neighbor

Re: Letters, From the Web, Feb. 16

To Mr. Thomas Corte and others concerned about the homeless parking in “their” neighborhood —instead of dialing 911, how about introducing yourself and showing some neighborly hospitality?

Yeah, right. Just make sure to wash your hands afterwards.

Brian Hittelman
Lifelong L.A. resident, currently living in car

Wisdom, Heart & Humor

Re: “Stare Trek + Splendor in the Gracias,” The Advice Goddess, Feb. 23

I just read The Advice Goddess column for the first time in The Argonaut. It was smart, funny, poignant and wise. I showed it to my wife (who is a psychologist) and she said you have
a “gift.”

Amy, you are really something. Keep up the good work. It is not often you see someone with a brain writing for periodicals.

Dana J. Bronson
Beverly Hills
Endorsements Got It Right

Re: Election Endorsements, March 2

Congratulations to The Argonaut for making highly reasonable endorsements for the March 7 primaries.

Despite a ridiculous cartoon on the cover depicting the fall of a high-rise building and a torch-blowing letter from a misinformed and gullible reader who supports Measure S, The Argonaut recommended a No
on S, Yes on H, Yes on M, No
on N, and thoughtfully supported Eric Garcetti, Mike Bonin and Nick Melvoin.

Regardless of the election’s outcome, they got it right this time.

Measure S is where the Hollywood-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation spent $5.5 million, which could have benefited its constituents, to fight a residential developer who already has city council approval to build a high-rise residential project that would block the precious view of the agency’s executive director!

Never mind the fact that Measure S would put thousands of architects, construction workers and building employees out of work and postpone all types of affordable and market rate housing for several years, some people actually drink the AIDS Foundation’s Kool-Aid and think this is a good idea.

Gov. Brown, Mayor Garcetti, Council President Herb Wesson and every member of the L.A. City Council supported a no vote on Measure S. I’m glad The Argonaut did too.

Roy Reel
Culver City

Save the Affordable Care Act

I’m sitting with a group of Westside residents writing letters in support of the continuation of the Affordable Care Act. Most of us have experienced the need for medical treatment, and the others simply care about the threat of losing their insurance or having to pay more than they can afford.

For me, it’s very personal. My father, a physician, treated anyone who needed care. People like my father don’t exist here any longer, but many of us still believe that medical care is a right rather than a privilege.

The ACA has made medical insurance possible for millions of us. I implore readers to get involved to try to stem the tide of losing this basic support, along with the other abrogations of our freedoms and benefits.

Gloria Cowan
Culver City