We’re Scholars, Not Delinquents

Re: “Swinging for Success,” Cover Story, Feb. 16

As a senior at Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnets and the school’s Associated Student Body president, I am writing to thank you for your recent article about our school’s baseball program making a comeback.

During my high school career and as a representative of my school, I have seen that neighborhood support of Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnets has declined significantly. Local residents are no longer sending their students to attend school here. Every day when I leave school, I see the residents of Westchester avoiding contact with Westchester high school students. I know that locals only see us as delinquents from minority backgrounds and think that, as a whole, we are up to no good.

I appreciate The Argonaut writing an article about something positive at the high school. Through articles like these, residents of Westchester, Playa del Rey and Playa Vista can learn more about the good things happening at Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnets. Hopefully they will begin to see that the school is full of ambitious and brilliant young scholars.

I would love to see more articles featuring the hard work happening at our school and also at Orville Wright Middle School. Maybe these articles could help to increase local support for these schools.

Ryann Hirt
WESM Class of  ’17

Loose Dogs Spell Danger on the Westchester Bluffs

I am a Westchester resident who, along with others years ago, helped preserve the bluffs. It is an accomplishment I am glad to be part of. Those who walk on the bluffs today — and particularly those walking their dogs there — owe that ability to those of us who spent many hours and our own money to attend meetings, raise our voices and have the bluffs preserved.

However, whenever I walk on the bluff trails I always encounter many people walking their dogs off-leash. This not only breaks L.A. city laws that dogs must be leashed in public, it completely ignores the signs posted along the trails that pets must remain leashed.

I ask these people to leash their dogs, and some do until I am out of sight and then unleash them, some ignore me, and some argue with me as if I’m taking away their personal privileges and rights, and some even curse at me. I’ve been bitten twice by off-lease dogs in Playa Vista.

It is now bird nesting season, and some birds lay their nests on the ground or in the low lying shrubs. When dogs run off-leash through the bluff hillsides they can crush nests, eggs and chicks. Those who have benefitted from the work of others to preserve the bluff for their enjoyment need to respect other people’s rights and keep their dogs on a leash—now during nesting season and year-round.

Matthew Hetz