CORRECTIONS: Last week’s issue misidentified the first name of Playa del Rey dog owner David Arbogast and the cable television network that airs the program “Top Chef,” which appears on Bravo.

Turn Parking Garages into Homeless Shelters

Prior to the time required for Measure H to take effect, Santa Monica and other cities could study the feasibility of providing an overnight shelter for the homeless within a level of our public parking structures. The structures are reasonably vacant after hours, and public bathrooms are available at the sub-sidewalk level on the first floor.

Certainly there are a range of factors to consider, including supervision and administration, but this could provide a model for serving marginalized residents before moving beyond parking structures into the hopefully permanent solutions of Measure H. And if this could happen throughout the county, it would not tend to drive our region’s homeless residents to Santa Monica.

I look forward to our Housing Commission and City Council reviewing the feasibility of this joint use.

Ron Goldman, Santa Monica

‘Soul’ for Sale
Re: “A City Losing its Soul,” Opinion, Feb. 8

Soon the O’Donnells won’t have to worry about the “soul” of Santa Monica or even living in it any longer because the owners of their building will Ellis Act out of the rental biz, tear the place down and put in high-end condos for the millennials of Silicon Beach — and there ain’t a damn thing the city’ll do, except sit back and wring their collective hands while accepting fat fees from wealthy developers.

Bill Bell, Mar Vista


Re: “Hungry for Help,” News, March 16

The homeless are bullied, harassed and treated inhumanely. It’s time locals took care of locals. David Busch is a hero.

Justine Penelope

Re: “A Dream Repurposed,” News, Jan. 12

Uh! Snapchat does not have ‘street cred’ in Venice. Venice locals HATE them and how they took over the neighborhood, increased rents, took away parking spots and walk around with their badges like they’re untouchable. That’s the story you should be writing about — the brewing war between Snap Inc. and Venice locals.


Snapchat is taking over so many areas of Venice, and now their security guards are harassing locals for simply walking down a public sidewalk. This needs to stop. The commercialization of Venice has been getting worse and worse, but with Snap buying up so much property in such a small area, it’s going to swallow Venice whole. They have no regard for the people who make Venice unique, and seem to think they can simply buy the city and create their own makeshift mega-campus. Please, leaders of our city, step in and prevent this! We love Venice, but not if it turns into SnapTown.

Westside Wench