Zimmer Deserves Our Support

Re: “The Argonaut’s March 7 Primary Endorsements,” Editorial, March 2

I am an English teacher at Venice High School. I have 33 years with LAUSD, the past 15 of them at Venice. I have also served as a UTLA director and chapter chair. I am about to retire, so I hope you understand that the truth matters to me.

In short, this school board election is too important to advocate half-measures such as wishing that both Melvoin and Zimmer could serve. Only one can.

Mr. Melvoin certainly has an impressive resume, though his short tenure in the classroom is a warning flag about his seriousness.

His faith in the magical powers of charter schools is similarly underwhelming. The evidence just isn’t there.

As for co-locating a charter at Venice High School (or any other existing school), you must understand that by its very nature, putting a charter school on an existing campus inevitably harms the educational experience of currently-attending students by forcing shared use of the library, the gyms, athletic fields, lab rooms, etc.

Steve Zimmer, on the other hand, worked in LAUSD schools for many years before being elected to the school board. He bends over backwards to be fair to all, and truly puts students first in every situation. He has also worked hard to support Venice High School during the years of austerity.

Zimmer deserves the support of the Venice community and of The Argonaut. I hope you will reconsider your endorsement for the runoff election.

Brad Jones
Venice High School


Re: “LAPD Arrests Oakwood Murder Suspect,” News, March 23

Why did the writer of this article feel the need to bring up the victim’s past? I find that extremely irrelevant to what happened to him!


Because this may have been gang-related. Especially if they have prior beefs related to or unrelated to prison, which both have been in. If this is gang related, it’s better to know because then it’s not just a random murder occurring to random people in the neighborhood.

Captain Obvious

I am sorry that this happened. I also feel that at the same time the other thug gangs — like the real estate brokers, banks, developers and business owners — need to be put in check for their part in corrupting Venice.

Steve Mendez

Re: “Saving Sparky: How a Stolen Dog Made it Back Home to Playa del Rey,” Cover Story, March 16

Dear Mr. Arbogast: A very uplifting story to share! I’m a Boston terrier owner (father) of Buddyman, who I got to reduce my grief from losing Hoochie Mama, the love of my life. I truly know how happy you were to get your dude back. They are the best companions — more like people than pets.

Milfred Thomas