Melvoin’s Support for Charters is Bad for Kids

Re: “The Argonaut’s March 7 Primary Election Endorsements,” March 2

Please reconsider the endorsement of Nick Melvoin for the LAUSD Board of Education seat currently held by Steve Zimmer, who deserves to be re-elected.

As a Mar Vista resident and member of both the Mar Vista Community Council and the MVCC Arts, Education and Culture Committee, I see firsthand the dedication of parents and teachers to the all-important subject of our children’s education.

The erosion of the public school system by charter forces should not and cannot be encouraged. Make no mistake that the foul barrage of fliers in our mailboxes is the work of charter advocates from coast to coast.

Teachers, parents and students have found Steve Zimmer to be an effective player in the complex struggle to support public education. We need not go much farther in our analysis than to find Melvoin to be a threat to public education.

Robin Doyno, Mar Vista

Voters Should Flunk Zimmer

Re: “Zimmer Deserves Our Support,” Letters to the Editor, March 30

So a liberal Venice High School teacher with 33 years of union involvement thinks Steve Zimmer would be a better LAUSD board member than charter schools advocate Nick Melvoin?

Come on, for years many independent studies have confirmed that privately operated charter schools have done a better job of educating students than public schools do. Even Arne Duncan, who was Secretary of Education under President Obama, has endorsed Nick Melvoin (as did The Argonaut in March).

Voters will likely give an “F” to the former Venice HS UTLA director and chapter chair, as well as to outgoing union-favoring board member Steve Zimmer.

Roy Reel, Culver City

Beethoven Kids Are Stressed Out

Re: “Reading, Writing and Computer Code,” News, June 16, 2015

I took a tour of Beethoven Elementary School after friends told me how awesome the school is. I looked on the school’s website and found this link about coding classes. But I also learned from friends that lots of children at Beethoven have behavioral issues and are in counseling.

Public schools are competing with charters, so now most have tried to stay academically advanced. But from what I’ve learned, this school overworks the children, which maybe adds stress on them and makes them act out in negative ways. Children at Beethoven may fair well with test scores, but emotionally they are also just kids. In my opinion, Beethoven is a bad school. It should be called a school for advanced emotionally challenged children.

Jason Mendez